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Now that the boundaries of the cities are eliminated, many girls are moving to new cities for greater career opportunities. Some are students while some are working professionals. All desires for new beginnings. When it comes to accommodation options for students and working individuals, PGs top the list. In case you are wondering why to look for girls pg in Greater Noida? Here in this guide, we have provided some key benefits of staying in the PGs for girls. 


  • Affordable accommodation: As compared to many other accommodation options, staying is PGs in Greater Noida is much more affordable and pocket-friendly. The average amount of rent charged for the PGs in Greater Noida is around 7,000 per month. The rent charged varies according to the location and facilities provided by the particular PG. also, PGs provided the flexibility of selecting a single room, double sharing room, or triple sharing room depending on the requirements and budgets of the guests. In case you are looking for privacy then you should opt for a single room. But if you want budgeted accommodation, then you can stay either in the double sharing room or triple sharing room. 
  • Minimal or no investment: When moving to the PG in Greater Noida girls need not invest their funds in the furnishings. It has been seen that usually PGs are well equipped with beds furnished with soft mattresses and pillows. Also, there is an appropriate arrangement of all items needed in the bathroom, and food is provided on time. But when it comes to the essential items you may need to get your personal ones. These essential items may include an electric kettle, plates, mugs, spoons, bowls, induction, tea pan, and others. These items do not require major investment. 
  • Student-friendly accommodation: The main goal of the student-friendly PGs is to provide comfortable and convenient staycation to all the students living there. Almost every student-friendly PG in Greater Noida has predetermined rules and regulations so that students can entirely focus on their studies and follow the proper college routine. All girls PG are equipped with study rooms, computers, internet connection, and Wi-Fi so that they don’t have to go out for their college work. Also, common space is provided by the paying guest accommodations so that all lodgers can interact and do not feel alone in the unknown city. 
  • Professional-friendly accommodation: Many working professionals are required to work in the cities away from their homes and thus, prefer to stay in the PGs. Not only the paying guest accommodations are economical but also are professional friendly making them the best option. Living in the PG comes with various facilities such as the arrangement of beds, food, cleaning services convenient entry and exit, making the professionals focus on their work. 
  • A conglomeration of facilities: Paying guest accommodations in Greater Noida provides a conglomeration of facilities and amenities to the female lodgers so that they can conduct their daily routine without any difficulty. Every basic facility includes a washing machine, geyser, three-time meal, tea or coffee, regular cleaning service, purified water, etc and that too at a much affordable price. Almost every girl living in an unknown city is worried about her safety and security. PGs are well aware of this fact and thus, take care of their safety and security by installing CCTV cameras for surveillance. Also, a watchman is hired for the security of the all-girls PG. apart from this, a few premium facilities are also offered by some PGs such as air-conditioning, cable TV, lift, etc. 
  • Convenient locations and connectivity: The owners of the PGs are very well aware that their lodgers are either students or working professionals. Therefore, the PGs are located near schools, colleges, companies, training institutes, business parks, offices, and IT firms. In Greater Noida, you can find the areas which are basically a hub for PGs because of their proximity to the major educational institutions, training centers, or offices. Now there is no need for the girls to travel afar saving their commute time and traveling expenses. No matter if the lodgers own a vehicle or not, the proximity offered by the PGs proves to be more favorable, economical, and accessible, especially for the girls. 
  • No need to cook in PG: Whether you are a student or a working professional you might not have much time to buy the ingredients and vegetables and cook. One of the most important benefits of staying in the PGs is that you need not worry about cooking. Almost every PG serves a delicious and healthy three-time meal to their guests making it convenient and hustle-free to live in the new city. 

Wrapping up it all!

To sum it up, the pg accommodation in Greater Noida by offering several facilities and affordable staycation has made it easier for girls to study and work in this particular city.

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