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Many people are familiar with Hawaii the state thanks to popular television shows like Magnum PI and Hawaii Five-O, which both focused on Waikiki and the island of Oahu.  Others are familiar with Maui because of its great marketing efforts and sayings such as "Here today, gone to Maui."  As time rolls on many people are becoming more aware and familiar with the largest island and namesake of the state - Hawaii, or as it is commonly referred to as The Big Island.  How familiar are you with the Big Isalnd?

In my daily dealings and interactions with clients and visitors to the Big Island, I get many questions about the Big Island and thought I would share some of the answers and information about my island home with you.

First of all, the Big Island gets it's nick name because it truly is the largest island, in fact you can fit all the other islands on the Big Island more than 2 times.  It is also still growing, yes, we have an active volcano here on the Big Island which is constantly and currently adding to the future available real estate on the south east side of the island.

Secondly, the environment on the Big Island is very diverse.  You can find all but 2 of the world climates represented here on the Big Island.  The only ones NOT represented are True Desert and Arctic.  A few examples include: the Mountain/Alpine climate found on the peaks of Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa during winter snowfalls, the green grasslands of the areas of Waimea and Honoka'a, the differents rain forests as represented around the volcano/Hilo areas and also up high on mount Hualalai.  Add beautiful white, black and green sand beaches scattered around the shores of the island, and it just doesn't get much better :-)

Third, although we are the largest and most diverse island, the population is approximately 200,000 (and growing) but our permanent resident numbers are not increasing as much as the part-time residence sector.

However, you look at the Big Island, there is beauty in every feature.  It may feel like you are landing on the moon when you fly into Kona Airport because of all the black lava surround.  But when you drive down the hill from Waikoloa Village to the resort areas the contrast between the black lava, the blue Pacific ocean, the blue sky and the green foliage of the resorts truly takes your breathe away.  Ahhh . . . . there truly is no other place like the Big Island, no place like home!

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Jason Ungos
Real Estate Technology - Lewiston, ID

As a local transplant living "overseas", I'd also add that the Big Island/Hawaii is not the same as Oahu. For some reason, many people that I talk to about the island get confused about the term "big". In part I think they assume that "big" is synonymous with "main", "most populated", or "most familiar".

Jul 10, 2006 10:35 AM
Kelly Ann Wakayama
Summit to Sea Realty Corporation - Kamuela, HI
Aloha Jason - thanks for the added clarification - no joke.  I have many friends in my network on the mainland who have never been to Hawaii and then they call to say they are coming but not to the Big Island :-( Malama pono - Kelly
Jul 10, 2006 05:17 PM
Kelly Ann Wakayama
Summit to Sea Realty Corporation - Kamuela, HI
Aloha Rory - Well the best way to start is for your to give me some beginning parameters and we can take it from there :-). As for outer islands, our MLS system does not include the data from all islands - we have a couple of different systems in the state.  Legally I can sell real estate on any island, but in order to provide my clients the best representation I tend to utilize local area agents.  So for my clients looking on other islands I have some excellent agents that I can refer to tap into their direct market knowledge and in some cases I have co-represented a Buyer because they wanted me involved in the process.  So sen me your Big Island parameters and I'll help you find your vacation starter home :-)  Mahalo - Kelly
Jul 10, 2006 05:21 PM