5 Ways to Track Your New Year's Goals (And Finally Follow Through!)

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Many of us enjoy the fresh start of a New Year and create new goals for ourselves, our work, and our families. But as January moves on, that motivation wanes and we can find ourselves dropping the aspirations we long to achieve.

If that's you, consider that there are ways to keep you on track! Even when you don't feel like doing what you said you'd do.

Set them up at the beginning and it will take a lot less effort later on. Try one of these to help you stay accountable:

1. Use a Calendar or Tracker

First, track how often you do the goal! Habit trackers work well or putting an x on your calendar for every time you do the action will work too. The key here is to stay consistent. The more you track, the more you'll do the actions required for the goal - it's a natural occurrence.

Are you more of a tactile person? Try moving paperclips or filling marbles in a jar instead! 

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2. Take Measurements of Some Kind

This could look like body measurements or recording a number from 1-10. Always be specific and honest about where you are and schedule a time of day or week to record the measurements. These serve as a guide that make it nearly impossible to lie to yourself.

3. Have a Weekly Check-in With Someone Else

Keeping track of your budget? SCHEDULE a check-in with your partner every Sunday night. This works for any goal. And weekly or even monthly meetings with others can be what you need to stay on task over the long-term.

4. Send "Evidence" to An Accountability Buddy

Use positive peer pressure to keep you going when it's tough. For months last year, I sent food logs to my sister each week. I lost 10lbs as a result of this ONE action.

You can also join an accountability app like SPAR! where group challenges are the norm and you have to video your "evidence."

5. Sign Up For Events Ahead of Time

Enroll in the class, book the vacation, schedule the babysitters, or sign up for the 10K months in advance. By doing this you are putting skin in the game and making it WAY more likely that you'll follow through. 

In Conclusion

We all like to believe that people accomplish amazing things because of willpower.

That's just plain wrong.

Superstars get that way because they put tracking and systems in place that help them follow through. Even when it sucks. Even when they wish they could give up.

So, what tactic will you use this week to help you stay on track? Remember, there's a reason you made those big beautiful goals. You are capable, and you'll get there if you stay the course. 

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Joan Cox
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Jennifer, the New Year always brings a new slate, and fun to get busy, but tough waiting for buyers and sellers that are ready! 

Jan 10, 2022 03:03 PM