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5 Ways to Give Yourself a Quick Boost of Confidence

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Every agent has days when they feel less than confident. You wouldn’t be human if you didn’t! But that doesn’t mean you have to remain that way all day. In this fast-paced world of real estate — where you’re following up on real estate leads, working with clients, and selling properties — you need to summon motivation at will.

How do you do that? Here are some tips worth trying.

  • Do a reality check.

One of the most common reasons for lack of motivation is having doubts or concerns that don’t match reality. For example, you might worry you won’t get any leads by working your real estate geographic farm. You might even be afraid that the effort is pointless.

But does that concern match reality?

If you’ve chosen the right farm and have a solid geographic farming system in place, the probability that you’ll succeed is high.

Oftentimes, simply thinking it through and considering facts (not feelings) can pull you out of negative thinking and boost your motivation.

  • Note your progress.

When you’re having a tough day, it’s all too easy to feel like you’re getting nowhere with your goals. For example, if you just made a listing presentation that didn’t go well, you might get back to the car and beat yourself up emotionally.

A better approach is to review your progress when it comes to listing presentations. Think back six months ago when you were less skilled and effective during meetings with new prospects. Then notice how much more effective you are today. You know more. Your listing presentation materials are better.

Even in an area where you feel you’re not doing well; chances are you’ve made some progress. Pay attention to that. If you do, you’ll find that perspective will give your motivation a lift.

  • Set a goal for the day.

How do you feel when you reach a goal? Motivated! So a great strategy for improving your level of motivation is to set an achievable goal for the day — and then achieve it.

For example, if you’re having a down day, you could set a goal of reviewing and updating your contact database. Doing that will likely reveal a couple of opportunities that could result in more real estate leads. You might notice that you haven’t contacted a particular past client for a while. Doing so might prompt that person to recommend you to a friend or neighbour, giving you a new real estate referral.

By the way, our real estate CRM — a component of our real estate marketing system for client referrals — includes goal and sales pipeline tracking.

  • Record your wins.

Chances are, you’ve achieved something important last week — and have forgotten all about it. That’s because you didn’t take the time to record and celebrate that milestone.

Record your wins each day. That way, you create a kind of winning streak that keeps you excited and motivated. That’s why professional athletes, who depend on motivation to perform at a world-class level, keep a record of their accomplishments.

A “win” doesn’t need to be big. Customizing and sending your real estate newsletter is a win worth jotting down.

  • Take action to gain momentum.

One of the things that keeps people unmotivated is dwelling. We stay in our heads and think, think, think! There’s nothing wrong with that, especially if it results in an action plan. But you’ll never get anywhere until you take that action.

Doing something, anything, tends to create momentum. And momentum builds confidence.

Say you’re not happy with your current real estate marketing. You find it time-consuming and ineffective. You’re not getting many real estate leads from your efforts. Sure, that’s depressing! But focus on what action you can take to make that situation better. For example, you could look into a real estate marketing system that’s automated (less work for you) and proven (more real estate leads and referrals for you.)

Takeaway: Don’t let a temporary dip in motivation ruin your day or impact your performance. Try these motivation boosters to keep you energized and inspired.

This article was originally published on our real estate marketing blog. Why don't you check it out? It's pretty cool!

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