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How Can I Improve My Corpus Christi Home's Curb Appeal?

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Investing in curb appeal can dramatically change the look of your home. The exterior of your home is like the cover of a book. It sets the stage for what is inside. Now you might wonder how you can improve your home’s curb appeal. 

To improve your Corpus Christi home's curb appeal, you can do some projects like improving the greenery, enhancing the exterior lighting, and making the windows more striking. 

There are several reasons to boost your property’s exteriors. One is for your enjoyment. Another is to increase its value. No matter your reason, adding curb appeal is an easy and affordable way to make your house look nicer. Read on to know the ways to improve your home’s curb appeal!

How can I increase curb appeal in my house?

Here are a few ways to increase the curb appeal in your house:

 Corpus Christi Home’s Curb Appeal - To improve your Corpus Christi home's curb appeal, you can do several projects.

Go for green

Improving greenery has the effect of enhancing your home's curb appeal with huge impact. Add fresh shrubs and flowers. You can create varying levels of greenery by using planters and window boxes.

Use plants to accent and frame key visual points such as windows and entryways. If you don’t have an area for standing planters, you can hook up a hanging one. Even a single plant arrangement can boost your home exterior's look.
Take care of your lawn

Lawn care is critical to curb appeal. Maintain your lawn by trimming the grass and raking off leaves. It will also help if you pull out weeds. Water your lawn regularly to prevent brown spots. With regular maintenance, lawn care won’t become a massive project.
Install lighting

Dark entryways are not welcoming. If you have sconces or hanging pendants on your front door, switch them out if they don’t give off enough light. 

Clean off cobwebs and dust outdoor light fixtures. It will instantly make the space appear brighter and cleaner.

If your space needs extra light sources, you can hang string lights. Another option is solar-powered lanterns to light up a dark walkway.
Improve symmetry

Focal points that are pleasing to look at will be dependent on symmetrical patterns. It can easily make your home look more put together.
Place wall lanterns or plants that match on prominent areas such as the front door. If you have no room at your entrance way, you can achieve symmetry around your garage door.

Reasons to Improve Home’s Curb Appeal - There are several reasons to boost your property’s exteriors, such as giving you enjoyment and increasing its value.
How can I improve my window’s curb appeal?

These are the things you should do to improve your window’s curb appeal.

Switch up the color scheme

Color is like any other home design trend. Tastes will change with the seasons. In the interiors, the windows play a lesser role. But outdoors, you can pick a unique exterior window trim color for added pop.
Upgrade the trim of your exterior windows

Every window has an exterior trim to block the elements. The styles range from subtle to elaborate to ornamental. You can change the border and the color to make a statement.
Modify window grilles

Grilles add fine detail to your windows. It is possible to enhance the look of your home by selecting a different grid pattern. Change the color for contrast and emphasis.

You can also adjust the grille’s thickness for a bold look. Another option is to go with clear glass for a modern style.
Change window styles

These different types of windows can provide you with a new look:

  • Sliding
  • Single-hung
  • Double-hung

These functional windows have sashes that provide color.

Other options are casement and awning styles. These are unobstructed and divided only by grilles. Bay and bow windows have a dramatic design that draws the eye.

Add accessories

You can boost the aesthetics of your window by adding design elements. Window boxes bring nature’s beauty. Shutters add a decorative touch. Design elements also provide an opportunity to stand out using color.

Untrimmed trees and bushes can cover your windows and disrupt the curb appeal. Do some landscaping and clean up nearby foliage to help emphasize your windows.
How can I improve the front of my house?

Here’s a list of the ways to improve the front of your house:

Change your home’s exterior proportions

Changing a proportion of the facade of your home can be a significant renovation. That said, it is often worth it. In some cases, you might need to replace poorly designed extensions.

Other makeovers you can do is adding a second story to a bungalow-style house or replacing a flat roof. But after these costly renovations, your home will have a better aesthetic that can boost its value. 
Improve the look of your front door

A quick and easy way to add curb appeal is by improving your front door. You can do this by refurbishing or painting it.

Some neighborhoods will have a uniform style of houses. It will help if you match your front door as close as possible to the homes in your surrounding area. There are plenty of modern doors that are made to look in any style.

If you are looking for a classic style door, you have several options. You can search reclamation yards for a door that matches your home’s architecture. You can also commission a skilled carpenter to make a new one that mimics the original door.
  Increasing Corpus Christi Home’s Curb Appeal - A home’s curb appeal is significant because it is the first part of the house that people see, and it makes a good impression.
Build a porch

Adding a porch to your front yard will provide character to an otherwise dull frontage. Moreover, it will provide practical storage space. You might want to consider a porch if your front door opens straight into a living room rather than a hallway.

As a caveat, you must think carefully about the design.

The style of the porch must match the original architecture of your home. It must complement the proportion and size of the house. You must also factor in the existing roof pitch and its angles.

With an enclosed porch, consider its impact on natural light. It could obstruct light flowing through your front door. You may have to improve the amount of daylight coming in with a well-planned design.
Convert a garage

A house’s appearance will be dramatically altered by converting a garage into more living space. You’ll need to make sure that the conversion enhances your home’s curb appeal instead of taking away from it.

It may mean hiring an architect to ensure all the details and proportions are correct. Keep the palette of materials used outdoors to a minimum.

Ask your builder to make sure the new work is toothed and bonded to the old. This is to avoid a look that seems bolted on.

Does curb appeal add value to your home?

Curb appeal can add value to your home. And if you want to get top dollar for your home near Corpus Christi, TX, you must start mowing the lawn.

Researchers from the University of Texas at Arlington used deep learning and Google Street View. Their goal is to find out how much curb appeal impacts a home’s value.

Sales data from 89,980 properties were analyzed. On average, homes considered to have good curb appeal sold for 7% more. This is in contrast to a similar house in the same area with subpar curb appeal.

The 7% figure also considers the curb appeal of homes across the street. It accounted for roughly a third of the premium. 

Final thoughts

A home’s curb appeal is significant because it is the first part of the house that people see.

Fortunately, you can quickly improve the exterior of your home.  A paint job and planting flowers and shrubs are some DIY projects you can do.

In some cases, though, you may need to invest heavily to improve your curb appeal. Whatever route you choose, make sure to maintain your exteriors to make it spic and span and look put together.

Excellent curb appeal makes a good impression.