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Wordpress Experimenting

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When I first started a real estate blog in 2005, I didn't know how long I could keep it up or even all of the possibilities ahead of me.

I started on Blogger with a Blogspot address and after a few years I moved to Wordpress.

Over time it made more sense to combine my IDX website and my blog, so I hired a tech team to handle the process. (In fact, I hired a few since the first team wasn't up to the task.). Their preference was for Drupal, so we made the switch to that platform where we have been for many years.

Working on a hobby blog about my passion for cycling on the island of Mallorca has got me back into the world of Wordpress. I'm not surprised it's changed so much, but it has been a fun challenge to dive back into the Wordpress game and design a non-real estate website from scratch. 

It's crazy to think about creating content for two such disparate sites, but it's also a good intellectual challenge to think about link building, SEO, and content creation for a new site.

Have you built a Wordpress site recently? What were your biggest challenges?