Which Helium Miner is The Best?

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You might not know which Helium miner is the best or what a Helium miner even is for that matter!


What is a Helium miner? How much do Helium miners make? Which Helium miner is the best?

Let's start with what a Helium miner is.

We aren't talking about Helium the element in the periodic table. Nope.

Helium is a platform that is building a decentralized network of hotspots that act as nodes in a network for smart devices. A wireless network. The people that own these hotspots get rewarded (with Helium crypto tokens called HNT) for having them act as 'proof-of-coverage' devices in the network.

Here is a great article that talks about Helium miners in more detail.


Helium miners are really amazing compared to conventional mining. They are cheap to buy (around $500) and barely use any electricity. They are silent and just sit on your windowsill.

Currently, the most popular Helium (HNT) miners are Nebra, Bobcat and Syncrob.it.

The idea is simple - bring the power back to the people with a decentralized telecom network so that we are no longer at the mercy of a single large corporation monopoly (e.g. At&T).

If you are interested in crypto mining etc. you might what to check out the new Uncensored Crypto documentary.

Helium miner is the best


So, which Helium miner is the best?

It's hard to say!

I own the Bobcat 300 miner and it works beautifully. It's also the most visually appealing of the Helium miners that I have seen. Here is a video about my Helium miner (Bobcat miner).


Here is a quick run down of the best Helium miners that are currently on the market.

Bobcat 300: These indoor miners are one of the most reliable and well-made. They are on back order for months unfortunately, as are most Helium miners due to the lack of manufacturing capability at such an early stage in this field.

Nebra: These are also indoor miners. In terms of quality, there doesn't seem to be much difference between the Bobcat 300 and the Nebra. However, there are many more complaints about Nebra customer service etc.

Syncrob.it: These are outdoor miners that can be placed on your roof for example.

All these miners cost around the same and all are on back order. They also will most likely earn you a similar amount of HNT per day. Location is the most important aspect that governs how much you will likely earn from a Helium miner.

Where you live is important - too many miners and you will not be adding much to the network in terms of coverage and thus your rewards will be lower. Location within your home or property is also a key factor.

The more other miners that yours can 'see' the more higher your likely earnings will be.

So, which Helium miner is best? Well they are all about the same from what I have learned. Really it is a matter of how quickly can you get one and where do you place it. Those will be the determining factors on how much you will earn and how quickly!



How much does my Helium miner make? It varies. Sometimes I will make $5 a day and sometimes $10 a day. I am not in a great location. People are making waaaay more with their Helium miners from what I can see.

Hopefully, this article has answered the question about which Helium miners is the best and how much do Helium miners make.



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