How to Install Over-the-Ranged Microwave

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Over-the-ranged microwaves or built-in microwaves are usually installed above the stove. This kind of microwave gives a home a cleaner and modern look. Over-the-ranged microwave is also a great space saver if the kitchen is small. 


However, homeowners need to consult a professional before installing one if they don’t have enough tools. But if you buy one of these microwaves, some materials like brackets and templates are included. You can also look at the instruction manual for the details.


Consider these as step-by-step on how to install an over-the-ranged microwave:

  • The first thing to do is to find the wall studs. Built-in microwaves have a mounting strip that supports their back. There are stud finders to locate studs because the strips at the back of the microwave need to be protected. 


  • There are two paper templates included that will serve as a guide. The first template should be taped against the wall and has the pattern where to drill holes on the right location, and the second template should be taped on the bottom of the cabinet. 


  • To prevent smoke, odor, and hot air in a kitchen, it is needed to cut openings for the vent. The space to cut for the vent depends on the model and design of the microwave. Most over-the-range microwave doesn’t need to be vented outdoors have a feature the can vent the air to the outdoor.


  • To secure the position of the microwave, it is required to install a mounting bracket as it holds the parts together. Follow the directions on the manual on how to position the brackets. 


  • After all that, time to put the microwave oven. Make sure to have assistance to support lifting it to place. Make sure to perfectly position other things like the electrical cords to the drilled hole in the upper cabinet.


  • The next thing to do is to attach the top bolts. This tool is included in the installation kit. While your helper is still holding the microwave, thread the bolts tight to its drilled holes in the upper cabinet. Then let go and make sure that the position of the microwave is horizontal.


  • Test the microwave to see if it’s working.

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