8 Simple Ways to Lower Your Stress Levels During a Move

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Stress is a normal and unavoidable part of life. When we move, our stress may increase as we try to organize everything and handle all the tasks—we might feel as though the days will never be long enough to get everything done.

You don't have to move for stress to become a problem, though. Even small and short-term moves have the potential to cause stress. The great news is that there are ways you can reduce your stress during a move.

1. Plan Your Move Ahead

Have a plan. We know it's hard to develop a plan when you already have so much on your mind. However, it all gets easier when you take the time to map out important details like when you will move, who will help, and how much help you need. Developing a timeline for the tasks that you must accomplish will also help. It's one thing to have a list of things to do; it's another thing to get them done.

2. Reduce The Number of Items You Have to Move

If you have a lot of furniture, packing and loading it may take more time and effort than you can spare. Make it easier on yourself—reduce the amount you need to move. Instead of purchasing new furniture or expensive art, choose inexpensive decor options, such as posters or prints. If your move is within your home city, consider using a self-storage unit. It will give you extra space when you need it without spending much money.

3. Divide Your Time Up

During a long-distance move, people have little to no control over the time they spend traveling. It's easy to get overwhelmed and feel stressed because you don't have sufficient time to get the whole thing done. The finest way to evade this is by scheduling breaks for yourself—you'll find that you can accomplish more when you take those short breaks for a cup of coffee or just a few minutes of relaxing exercise.

4. Set Realistic Goals

When you move, you might feel overwhelmed by all the things that you haven't done yet—or all the things that still need to be in done. Try not to focus on everything that hasn't been in done yet. Instead, try setting realistic goals for yourself for the day, week, and month. When you have a plan in place, it's much easier to avoid feeling overwhelmed—and even better, stick to your plan!

5. Utilize The Help of Others

Moving is much easier when you have some extra hands to help you. Whether you decide to hire movers or friends and family, there's always someone who can lend a hand and lessen your burden. For example, if you hire movers or home moving services in Toronto, request that they load the truck for you, it will take less time than loading items yourself. If a friend comes over to help, delegate tasks so that everyone can work more efficiently.

6. Find Ways to Relax

Stress can lead to many health problems, so make sure you take time out of your busy schedule to rest and relax. Although you might have the temptation to use the excuse that you can't take a break because you have too much work to do, it's important to find time for yourself. You'll feel better if you do!

7. Keep Regular Doctor’s Appointment

One way must be to keep regular doctor’s appointments like visiting a chiropractor or orthopedic so your body stays in shape. Long-distance moves require a lot of physical exertion, so make sure you're getting the exercise you need. Moving is strenuous work, and if you're not in good health, to begin with, you may be especially susceptible to injury. Making an appointment with your doctor before moving will ensure that your body is healthy enough to handle the task.

8. Keep Moving

Although it might seem like everything is going wrong during a move, the truth is that things will get better with time—especially if you keep moving forward. We may not always control our stress levels, but we can take steps to stay organized, plan and be mindful of our time and effort.

You can make your move easier on yourself, no matter where you're moving to or from. Try implementing one or two of these tips and see if it doesn't help.

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