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There are 2438 Home Stagers who are members of Activerain.  Tv shows, newspaper articles, and real estate websites all contribute to the increasing demand for home staging.  Home owners range from those who want to do it all themselves to ones that hire a stager, complete with furniture and accessories. And then there is everything in between.

Most home owners hire Realtors to sell their home and with that comes lawyers and home inspectors.  Why not home stagers?  In a few markets, it is becoming the norm.  Realtors have stagers that they have a great working relationship with and if you ask them, they will agree that having a home properly staged will definatley help the home sell quicker and for more money.

Some Home Staging options for Realtors:

Consultation:  A consultation is when the stager comes in and makes suggestions to the home owner about what needs to be done prior to listing.  Usually lasts about an hour and the home owner is given "homework" to complete, either prior to listing or prior to staging. It lets the Realtor off the hook and they don't have to be the "bad guy" when it comes to telling the home owner what needs to be done to get the home ready.  Ranges from free up to $125. Some Home stagers will take the cost of the consultation off the day of staging.

Whole day staging: Some Realtors pay for a day of staging because they know that the property will be ready in time and be done properly.   Stager comes in after all homework has been completed and spends the day re-arranging furniture, art and accessories to make the home more appealing to prospective buyers.  It will be less stress for them knowing the house is ready for the open. Sometimes the Realtor will pay for this up front and when the property sells, add it to their commision. Typically a day of staging ranges from $750-$1000 per day, depending on the market.

1/2 day staging: A Realtor can offer to pay for a half day of staging and the home owner can pay the balance.  This will split the costs between the two parties and makes it very affordable. 

Empty properties:  We all know that empty properties don't show as well as ones with furniture.  It is hard for most people to visualize the space when they can't see how big the sofa looks in the room.  Plus, it is hard to create a mood without any funriture or accessories and we all know people buy based on emotion.Home stages will be able to provide furniture and accessories on a rental basis to make that property shine.  Depending on the market but in large markets, a 1000 sq foot condo can be completely staged with all furniture and accessories, moving costs, sourcing and staging for around $3000.



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Highland Beach Condos David Serle
RE/MAX Services - Highland Beach, FL
Boca Raton Agent David Serle

Lisa I agree home staging is wonderful.  Unfortunately, because of the upfront costs it becomes a luxury most realtors cannot afford nor would the seller be open to paying it upfront.  The statistics are there that you will get more money for your home by staging it.  However with most agents carrying 25 listings that would be pretty expensive.

Jun 29, 2008 01:50 AM
Steve Loynd
Alpine Lakes Real Estate Inc., - Lincoln, NH
800-926-5653, White Mountains NH

Lisa, I have asked this question of other stagers, and not gotten a reply, do you all have a association or common site to view who is working in a region of the country? Steve

Jun 29, 2008 02:27 AM
Lisa Roy
SPACELiFT HOME STAGING, Greater Vancouver - Vancouver, BC

Hi David,

In different markets, home staging has become the norm.   A huge percentage of downtown Vancouver condos are now staged because the market is expecting it.  When a prospective buyer sees a property that is staged, chances are, they will become emotionally attached to that property over any other non staged places they look at.  I guess it wil take some time for it to catch on in smaller markets.  Thanks for your comment.


Hi Steve,

In Canada we have the CRDA ( ) and there is also CSP ( Canadian Staging Professionals) and in the States, ASP (Accredited Staging Professionals) IASP (international accredited staging professionals)

These sites can provide stagers in different areas.  Hope this helps!  Lisa


Jun 29, 2008 02:55 AM
Alexandra Fletcher
Vancouver, BC

Hi Lisa, your blog was very informative as to how you offer the different levels of staging. I have to comment on the $3000 for 1000sqft, does that really cover all your costs and give you a good enough profit?? On a condo that size completely empty we would be closer to $7500. 

Jun 29, 2008 06:26 PM
Yvonne Root
rooms b.y. root - Prescott, AZ
Home Stager - Northern Arizona

Lisa, Your discription of what to expect from stagers is good. The pricing issue is not as cut and dried. The least price I've heard of for a consultation was $50 and the most $600. I have heard and practice giving free bids -- but consultations are a horse of a different color.

Like Emily I wonder about the cost for staging the 1000 sq ft condo. Does that price include a one, two or three month rental or something else?

Also, in response to Alpine Lakes Real Estate, I don't know what  association or common site to view is available in Canda beyond what Lisa has described but there is no  association or common site to view in the USA. StagedHomes does not speak for the entire staging community or industry in the U.S. There are many associations which have started up. Some are internationally based, some are grouped by training companys (such as StagedHomes or HSR) and some are indeed local or regional. Those local or regional associations may or may not have an internet presence. 

Jun 30, 2008 01:32 AM
Lisa Roy
SPACELiFT HOME STAGING, Greater Vancouver - Vancouver, BC

Hi Emily and Alexandra,

I based the price on a formula we were taught and that two Staging rental companies that I have used also use when giving out a loose quote.  Take the square footage and multiply it by $3.00 and that gives a pretty good estimate on the costs covered.  I have not personally staged a completely empty condo (we seem to always get occupied spaces) and I did question it as well but it seems that is the formula that works for many.  This does only cover the cost for the first month and then the rental costs for any additional months are more. I have see some of your photos and you guys do absolutley beautiful work.  I commented on one of your blogs last week that you had up how it is amazing how much stuff you are able to put into a place and wondered about the cost, it looked incredible.  Your photos are very inspirational!

Jun 30, 2008 02:37 AM
Lisa Roy
SPACELiFT HOME STAGING, Greater Vancouver - Vancouver, BC

Hi Yvonne,

Steve asked if there was a common website to view who was working in a region of a country.  The CRDA website just lists the stagers that are part of that particular association and it is an easy way for Realtors to find stagers in their particular area.  The IAHSP website does the same.  I have attached the link for the stagers listed with that particular association in Arizona.  While these websites don't list anywhere near all the stagers available in each area, they are a good starting point for anybody wanting a list of stagers, complete with their websites.  Activerain is also another great resourse for people looking for stagers in thier area (can't believe I forgot that one the first time around! :-)

Jun 30, 2008 03:08 AM
Yvonne Root
rooms b.y. root - Prescott, AZ
Home Stager - Northern Arizona

Oh I know what you mean Lisa but I'm not sure that others who are not stagers will know. For instance, in our local area there are 16 easily identifiable (through the internet) home stagers and only 3 of them are ASPs. One of those ASPs is a real estate agent who prefers to do move in work rather than for sale staging. The other two own a staging business as partners. So if someone went to the StagedHomes site looking for a good representation of home stagers in our area they would not be well informed at all. Even looking at AR (as both you and I forgot to mention - are we silly or what?) will show that ASPs are not in the majority when it comes to who is available as home staging professionals.

Jun 30, 2008 03:30 AM
Gail Alexander

Hi Steve,


The VERY best place anyone can find quality stagers across the U.S. and Canada is  It is a member run association made up of stagers with training and/or certification from a variety of training companies.  You can pull up members by state if you don't have a name and view their profiile and samples of their work.

And for those of you who are not members, please check it out and join.  It is a great Association and many wonderful things are being implemented by the members.   


Jun 30, 2008 09:07 AM
Lisa Roy
SPACELiFT HOME STAGING, Greater Vancouver - Vancouver, BC

Hi Yvonne,  Thanks for the clarification.  It seems that because this industry is growing in popularity, there are associations popping up everywhere, which is a good thing in some ways I guess  :-) Word of mouth is still the best way to get a reputable stager, just like any of the trades.  Realtors asking other Realtors who they have used in the past seems to be the way we get most of our business.  Great chatting with you, I love how there are so many people to ask questions of and be able to get so much feed back on Activerain!


Hi Gail, thank you for the info on RESA.  I hadn't even heard of it but after having a look at it, I do know a few of the stagers on it within my city. 

Jun 30, 2008 01:53 PM