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I have been curious about being a real estate broker since I have been working with them daily for nearly 20 years. So I decided to take the courses required for licensure to gain a better understanding of what is involved (168 credit hours required in Colorado). 

Being involved in the process and helping buyers and sellers navigate the real estate world as a home inspector is a bit different than the duties of a broker. I do a good amount of paperwork as an inspector, writing 100-200 pages a day reporting observations made in the field, and I spend time with the clients face to face and discuss their concerns and try to help them make an informed decision on the property they are purchasing. The income potential is a bit different, as an inspector, I make about $400 a transaction on an average $500k home whereas a broke may be in the $15,000 range (over 30 times more). Considering those numbers, it is interesting that I still make a few times more than the average real estate agent. I was a retail and service shop owner for over 13 years and never quite liked being a salesperson, I did however like helping people make informed decisions and working hands-on with tools and equipment. I did not make as much installing equipment as I did with sales, but I liked it better.

I know the course version of the job and the real-world version of the job are going to be different as well. I see it in the home inspection industry where an inspector may be certified and book smart but know little of communications skills and real-world scenarios. I deal with some agents that make me wonder how they got a license in the first place as well, but they are out doing their work.

Bottom line, I like what I do and I am very good at the service I have been providing for nearly 2 decades. I would like to continue doing what I do as long as I am physically able. Having the knowledge and prerequisite for being a broker gives me some perspective on the roles everyone plays in the real estate transaction and may give me an option to fall back on later in life, but for now, I am quite content.


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Everyone does what they feel most comfortable doing  An inspector that knows their work will perform well and their revenue stream is an indication of their expertise.  If you start to broker real estate you could lose that revenue stream due to being competition.

Jan 18, 2022 06:30 PM
Kat Palmiotti
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I like that you did the work to make an informed decision first, and that you know what you like to do and will stick with that. Kudos!

Jan 19, 2022 05:40 AM