What Makes Denver a Great Place to Start a Business?

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Denver has a lot of things that make it a fantastic place to start a business. The cost of living is low, and there is a thriving economy with many high-paying jobs. There are also many universities nearby, which provide great opportunities for research and development.

 Tens of thousands of people move to Denver every year, so the city is constantly growing and changing. It is also extremely easy to get around in Denver because the streets are well organized and there is so much public transportation.

 The best part about Denver is the city's vibrant cultural scene. There are lots of museums, theaters, music venues, galleries and restaurants to check out. In addition, Denver has lots of gorgeous parks and two beautiful mountains that are located within the city limits.

Denver is a great place to start a business.

 It's no surprise that Denver is ranked in the top ten across all three categories. The city has been growing rapidly, and the population keeps on increasing. As of 2013, Denver's population was 634,621 - an increase of over 5% from the previous year.

 In 2014, Forbes named Denver as the best city for job seekers, citing the low unemployment rate and other favorable business conditions as reasons for this designation.

 Denver has always been a magnet for businesses, from mining and manufacturing to retail and now to technology. The city is a great place to start a business for several reasons: 

  1. A rising tide of talented young people are moving here every day. Add to that the educated millennials who have already arrived and you have a critical mass of well-trained workers eager for new opportunities.
  1. Denverites are friendly, open, and ambitious. Our people have a strong entrepreneurial spirit that makes it easy to collaborate with others; the community is collaborative and supportive, not cutthroat and competitive.
  1. It's an affordable place to live and do business. Housing prices are rising but they're still relatively low compared to other coastal cities, and there's plenty of space to accommodate growth as Denver continues its expansion outward.
  1. There's no sales tax in Colorado, which makes it attractive to out-of-state shoppers who come here because they can save money by buying products tax-free.

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