Do You Need To Repair & Upgrade To Sell Your House Fast

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Do You Need To Repair & Upgrade To Sell Your House Fast? We Buy Houses Washington State As-Is


When selling a home, many property owners wonder: can I get a better price for my house if I repair and renovate it first? Sellers know that buyers gravitate towards upgraded properties with contemporary kitchens, bathrooms, and energy-efficient homes.


The truth is that fixing and renovating your home before selling can be a great way to add value. But think carefully before you break the bank with renovations. Certain renovations will have zero return on investment – which means you cannot break even on the cost of renovations after selling.


So, before you repair, ask yourself: Will I make my money back after the sale, or would it be wiser to sell as-is and avoid the stress and inconvenience of repairing before selling?

You Can Sell Your Home As-IS

Are you wondering if it’s possible to sell a house in Washington State without repairing it? The quick answer is YES!


A common reason why people want to sell a house without repairing or upgrading is because the house might be neglected or rundown, and they just don’t have the desire, money, or time to do the repairs before they sell.


Luckily, the trusted local Washington State cash house buyers at His Hands Properties can help. We buy houses Washington State as-is. With us, you can sell your house in Vancouver, Bellingham, Bremerton or anywhere in Washington without repairs. We work with property owners who need a fast and hassle-free sale. The homeowners we work with sellers to us for various reasons, and a lot of times, it’s because they want to sell their homes as-is.  


Where Can I Sell My Washington State House In A Bad Condition?


If your property has structural issues or is rundown and needs major repairs, the chances are real estate agents won’t go near it. And even if you manage to get a realtor to help you sell, the odds are your house will be sitting in the market for months. This is because most buyers want move-in-ready houses. Besides, oftentimes, banks won’t finance a home if it’s in bad condition. They see the property as an increased risk and won’t approve a mortgage for it like a typical home.


That leaves many property owners without a good alternative to sell because a whopping 75% of house buyers in the US need to get a mortgage to buy a house.


That’s where cash home buying companies or real estate investors come in.


You have different options available when selling your Washington house, including selling to real estate investors or cash property buyers. At His Hands Properties, we buy houses Washington State, and our business model is to buy any house as-is for cash to help homeowners sell homes quickly and hassle-free.


Sell Your House Fast As-Is Service


We like to think we’re straightforward and honest about our house-buying service. These are the values we feel are integral to our service. We can buy your home today – especially if it’s in bad condition and needs repairs. By offering to buy your home as-is, we make it possible to save time and money.

With His Hands Properties:


- You don’t have to fix or upgrade your property

- You don’t have to stress about showings

- You don’t pay any fees

- You don’t pay closing costs

Our goal is to make your house-selling experience as hassle-free and fast as possible; that way, you can open the next chapter in your life.

As Washington’s trusted cash home buyers, we buy houses Washington State In Any Condition for cash and can purchase your home quickly in as little as seven days. With us, you’ll be in an excellent position to sell your property as-is without the hassle and expense of repairs and upgrades!


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