How to Find the Best NYC Property Management Services

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The day-to-day grind of running a condo can be uninteresting. We have the usual tasks that arise on a typical day – fixing toilets, negotiating with vendors, or reviewing permits. There are so many property management agencies. They rarely display excellence.

According to experts from Rapid Maintenance, expert property maintenance contractors in Bristol, a good property management company should cover all property maintenance needs and be quick to provide solutions for a huge range of problems.

The best property managers act like part owners. They manage your properties as well as they would their own.

1. They Constantly Find Ways to Improve their Service

2. They find ways to control expenses while offering good services

3. They find better ways to make tenants happy

4. They constantly work on reducing vacancy rates

If you own an NYC building, you are probably working to achieve two things: Retaining tenants, and/or increasing the perceived value of the properties to potential buyers or tenants. Property management agencies should have serious plans to realize these outcomes.

The process of selecting a NYC property management partner can be challenging. We have gone ahead and prepared a list of five condo management agencies to work within New York City. We carefully chose five services that only the best agencies should offer.

Financial Management

Financial management entails a range of services. These services include payment collections, accounting, monthly financial reporting, audits, and tax filing. They should process vendor payments promptly, renew leases, and address legal issues.


We run maintenance activities to maintain the same quality of living environment consistently.

This includes preventative maintenance and some capital-intensive projects. Maintenance preserves the value of the property, too.

Your property management agents should get tenants to use the maintenance portal to submit repair requests. It gives supervisors and staff visibility. Management agents should retain a singular focus on maintenance – elevator inspections, boiler inspections, 5-year FISP studies. They constantly refine their vendor list to get the best service at a reasonable price.

Regulatory Compliance

It takes a vigilant attitude to stay on top of regulatory requirements for New York City and the state of New York. You need to constantly keep up with the laws governing things like rent regulation, and annual filings. They should help clients to avoid penalties and fines for failing to comply. With the right partner, regulations should not be a big challenge.

Technological Savvy

Unique cloud-based software - which provides 24/7 access to financial data - remotely powers our services. The software gives both tenants and property owners complete access to web portals.

Residents can make rent, common charges, and maintenance payments online through the ACH. Management Agents can enter work orders for repairs. Board members and owners will have access to financial records in real-time.

Daisy is a NYC based property management company that works with service-oriented managers to give residents an optimum quality of life in the building. Daisy works with an innovative operating system that eliminates bureaucracy, automates processes, and allows our managers to devote more time to better living experiences.

Every Daisy building has its app and personalized dashboard for complete transparency and uninterrupted services to maintain life in the building.


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