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We've moved, and finally found the house we've always wanted.  Searching took 6 months, thousands of dollars in travel expenses, and more patience than can be imagined.  Even my dear husband was weary of me by the time I found this one.  We almost bought three others, but between inspections and second thoughts, it just didn't work out. 

Being a Feng Shui master tends to make one picky.

Then I walked into this house and it seemed to say, "It's about time you got here."  I knew it was the right house for us from the moment I walked in.  Not that it's perfect, nope...far from it.  But as they say, "It has good bones.".  The bones are a bit slanted in places, but... 

Mostly it's just quirky.  The floor has a bit of a slant in the hallway and bath, but since it's over 60 years old, that's understandable.  The master bathroom is where "quirky" shows up.  First, no shower.  Again, the house is old, that's ok we can fix that.  

The light switch is outside the bathroom.  Quirky, yes.  We can fix that though.  The vanity is where I wonder WTH somebody was thinking.   


Not only does it accent the slant of the tank, it makes it impossible to get inside and adjust the toilet guts.  As my daughter said though..."You just need the proper tools ... a Saws-All.  (reciprocating saw)  I guess she's right.

There's also no bathroom fan.  Not a biggie until it is.  But, it will require an electrician.  As will the new exhaust fan over the stove.  I'm known for walking away and setting off smoke detectors.

Well, quirky may be kind...but we do love this place.  It has character.  And, what a character it is!

As for the Feng Shui...not perfect, but darn near it.





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Great post!  Thanks for sharing and enjoy your day!

Dec 23, 2022 07:12 AM