In National Multifamily Apartment Real Estate Investing Target Market Selection is a Must!

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In National Multifamily Apartment Real Estate Investing - Target Market Selection is a Must!

In Multifamily Apartment Investing - Target Market Selection is a Must!


During this Mastermind my guest Grant Warrighton explained in detail how being the master of your target market will help you buy more deals and become the "go-to-guy" when owners want to sell. 

Grant talks about how he now knows all the multifamily apartment building owners in his target market because he had to for his 1031 Exchange that he was trying to execute so that he didn't have to pay $60,000 in taxes. Grant gives the viewers some tips and advice on how to know your target market before you are "under the gun" like he was at the time.

To watch this mastermind interview with Grant, please go to Pat Gage's YouTube channel and search for the video titled "From 0 to 41 units of Multifamily Apartments in 4 years and being his own boss."

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