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Things You Need to Know Before Buying Land in Kona, Hawaii

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Things You Need to Know Before Buying Land in Kona, Hawaii

If you're in the market to buy your own piece of paradise in Kona, Hawaii, you should know a few things first and this is a good place to start. Zoning laws, climate zones, building restrictions, use restrictions, cultural considerations, access to utilities, you name it! Every state, county and neighborhood across the country is different and you need to know the things that may affect your use and enjoyment after you purchase land in Kona, Hawaii.

Now, the easiest way to handle this is to, of course, call me. I will answer your questions, find out what you are looking for and help you find a great property in Kona. I have been selling real estate in Kona for over 20 years and I can honestly say experience is not expensive, it's priceless.

I could never cover everything you need to know about buying land in Kona in a blog but let's touch on a few items.

What climate do you want to live in? The Kona district of Hawaii sits on the flanks of the beautiful 8,271 foot tall, Mt. Hualalai. There are subdivisions that go as high as about 5,000 feet, where you can buy land. A general rule is that, as you go higher up the mountain, the rainfall increases. It also gets cooler. The Kona Coast is very dry with rainfall totals around 20" per year. Most of the rain on the coast falls at night and summer is wetter than winter. You can drive just a few miles up the mountain and have over 60" of rainfall per year. On any given day it could be 80 degrees at the coast and 70 degrees at 1,500 feet elevation only a few miles up the hill. The climate is mild and comfortable no matter where you are in Kona, but some folks like 73 degree weather every day and others prefer it in the 80's.

Does the lot have access to county water? If you are looking for land above Mamalahoa Hwy, it may not have access to county water. In most areas of Kona the water lines follow Mamalahoa Hwy at about 1,100 feet elevation. Many lots above the highway need to pump the water to their land or just collect rainwater from their roof into a catchment tank. These catchment systems work very well at elevations of 1,000 feet and higher, due to the abundance of rainfall. There are also filtration systems that keep the water very clean. I have references to very competent catchment tank companies that I can provide. Most of the land below Mamalahoa Hwy. has access to county water but you have to make sure that the Water Department will issue a water meter for that specific lot. That is something that I will help you with during the due diligence period of the purchase transaction.

Does the zoning allow you to do what you want with the land? In Hawaii there are specific uses allowed for land depending on the zoning. Do you want to build a home and a guest house? Do you want to subdivide the lot and sell one? Better check the zoning. Are there CC&R's and design guidelines that restrict the style or size of home you would like to build? Buying land in Kona is almost never a blank slate where you can do whatever you want. However, with the right agent to guide you through the process, you can find land in Kona that you can enjoy with friends and family for a lifetime.

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Nice to think about and you are the agent to call for sure! Thank you for the information.

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