Top 10 Tips for Creating Easy-Care Landscape

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Because you'll have less yard work to perform if you focus on creating an easy-care landscape, you'll have more time to relax in your outside environment. These garden design guidelines can help you keep your care to a bare minimum while also producing a stunning environment that you'll enjoy all year.



1.) Familiarized Your Place


Take the time to get to know your site's weather, light, and soil characteristics. Plants that are coupled with their ideal growing conditions will require far less assistance from you to thrive. Plant-drought and heat-tolerant cultivars if you have quick-draining sandy soil that bakes in full sun, for example. Plants for wet, shady areas will need to be chosen differently.


2.) Strategize a Plan


A well-thought-out strategy is frequently the foundation of a thriving landscape. Even a basic drawing of your property will suffice. Include any existing structures, trees, and plants, as well as garden components. Include outdoor living areas, walkways to get to them, and additional features like a swing set or vegetable garden. Include any locations that you are not yet ready to install but would like to construct in the future. The master plan will be crucial in showing how the landscape will evolve.


3.) Choose Native and Natural Plants


The benefit of landscaping with native plants is that they are most likely adapted to the local climate and soil conditions. Furthermore, these plants are ideal for pollinators and other helpful species. You'll be well on your way to a trouble-free garden that thrives year after year if you site the plant in its ideal sun exposure.


4.) Focus is the Key


Rather than installing several beds and borders in various corners of your property, concentrate on developing one or two essential garden areas that have an impact. A perennial-and-shrub border near your front entrance or along your front walkway is always an excellent choice. Landscaping the space surrounding your porch, deck, or patio is also a good idea.

5.) Install Borders 


Use a border to encircle shrub borders, perennial beds, vegetable patches, and other garden areas. Installing borders could be as essential as a spaded boundary separating your planting beds from the lawn. To make a long-lasting border, utilize metal edging, stone, or brick. In the landscape, a well-defined bed border serves two purposes. It gives your areas a clean look and prevents unwelcomed grass and other weeds from growing in.


6.) Don't Waste Your Wastes, Compost Them!


Compost is a crucial component of practically any garden, as it contains the nutrients that plants require to grow. It aids in the maintenance of plants, and healthy plants are easier to care for. You can find good compost at your local municipality or garden center, or you can create your compost pile.


7.) Group Them Together


Plants with comparable requirements should be grouped. Watering is easier when containers are grouped, and pots can shade one another, reducing watering. Planting in odd-numbered groups and repeating those plants across your beds in the garden is the most attractive to the audience.


8.) Trees and Shrubs


Trees and shrubs, also known as the "bones" of a landscape, have a significant presence that grows through time. These long-lasting woody plants can create decades of flowers, fragrance, and lively leaves with modest annual upkeep. When selecting your selections, seek species with year-round appeals, such as spring flowers and intriguing bark, to liven up the winter.


9.) Always Check Your Soil


Weeds love bare soil because it invites them in. A lush groundcover beneath perennials and shrubs, such as easy-to-grow creeping thyme or low-growing sedum, adds colo and textures while also preventing weed seeds from sprouting. Weed growth is also slowed when covered with shredded wood mulch, cocoa husks, or pine straw.


10.) Plant to Prune


If you prune your plants at least once a year, you'll save a giant headache later on when an overgrown bush or vine necessitates extreme action. Some plants demand more pruning than others, so keep that in mind while making your choices. Pruning flowering trees and shrubs is best done right after they bloom. In the mid-to-late spring, prune shade trees and evergreens.



It's easy to be enticed into purchasing plants that appear lovely in the store, only to discover later that they are inappropriate for your setting. Making a plan ahead of time can help you select plants that will meet your needs and thrive in your landscape. 

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These are really good your 10 tips! Here in Arizona especially, I am a fan of the native plants tip. Jeff 😎

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Hello Tamra Lee Ulmer these are very valuable list of tips for creating easy care landscape.

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My method is to hire a great landscaper.

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Good day. These tips can be really useful, especially for people who are not an expert in landscape design. Personally I think that if you don't have any experience in building, it will be better to hire professionals for renovation of your backyard. There are a lot of companies, for example like Avanti Landscaping Company( which are working in this direction. 

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