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Selling a home in Orange County's Coastal Region still has its appeal! Residential real estate sales are up from the previous year, and prices are rising. Buyers and sellers alike will benefit from this report's insight into the current state of the market and potential directions it may take in the near future. Now is a great time to buy or sell a home in this picturesque region. With this information in hand, you'll be able to make an educated decision about your business's future.
An Overview of Coastal Orange County Real Estate Market
Beautiful beaches and year-round sunshine have long made Orange County's coast a popular tourist destination. With this in mind, it should come as no surprise that the average price of homes in this neighborhood is relatively high. A single-family home in Orange County typically sells for $1,125,000 in November 2021, with an average of twenty-two days on the market. This is a great time for homeowners to put their properties on the market because of a lack of competition. It has cooled down a bit for the fall season, but the hot-selling market continues to reward homeowners. This is the best time to sell your house because home values are rising, which means you can get top dollar and lock in a record-low mortgage rate on your next dream home.
Orange County Market Trends
Over the past year, the number of homes on the market has decreased by 20%. This year's demand is stronger than it has been in a long time. There are fewer and fewer homes on the market because buyers outnumber sellers. Because of the low-interest rates and overall stability of the economy, the home buying season has gotten off to an early start, and we can expect a busy winter.
Buyer Demand
Because demand continues to outpace supply, homes are moving quickly off the market, selling in an average of 22 days. As a result, sellers have a significant advantage in the negotiation process. The sooner you submit your offer, the more competitive you will be in the market. Many real estate analysts use the absorption rate, which measures the percentage of homes sold in a given month compared to all those available for sale in the market. In November, the single-family home absorption rate was 89%. Seller's markets have an absorption rate of more than 20%, while buyers' markets have less than 15%.
Median Housing Prices
Coastal Orange County's median sales prices have remained fairly consistent over the last month. The city-to-city variance was greater, however. There are a lot of exciting things to consider. To begin with, most cities have seen a decrease in their median home price compared to the same time last year. Price increases result from increased demand and a consequent shortage of available inventory. In addition, you'll notice that the median home price in Huntington Beach is $618,900. Because it's a popular tourist destination and an expensive market, to begin with, this could be the reason! You can expect prices to rise steadily as the real estate market in Orange County continues to grow and become more popular!
Luxury Highlight
The average price of a home in Newport Beach is $2,990,000. Even though Newport is among Southern California's best places to live, it is also among Orange County's wealthiest and safest. Despite the fact that inventories are only half as high as they were at this time last year, many properties have been sold. All price points in the Southern California real estate market have been in high demand in the fall, and the figure is expected to rise until year's end.
Orange County Real Estate Market By Community
It's hard to find another place like Crystal Cove, with its distinct atmosphere and way of life. The area is well-known for its historical significance and the numerous hiking trails and stunning scenery that can be found nearby. Demand has not been stifled by the high prices associated with such a desirable location. Think long-term if you're considering moving to this area, and make plans for the future.
With a median sales price of $9.5 million in November 2021, property values in Crystal Cove have increased by 62.5 percent over the previous year. The median time it takes to sell a home in Crystal Cove is from 97 days a year ago to 40 days today. This year, 15 homes were sold in November, increasing the previous year's total of 13 sales. There aren't many people who get multiple offers. Typically, a home sells for 3% below the asking price and goes under contract within 40 days of going on the market. As little as 18 days can pass before a hothouse is sold at or near the asking price and a contract is signed.
Newport Coast
Newport Coast has been one of Orange County's most expensive enclaves for more than a decade. High-end properties typically sell for close to or above their asking price. This isn't a surprise, as Newport Coast is home to one of the country's best private schools.
Because of the neighborhood's proximity to the beach, as well as its upscale dining and shopping options, Newport Coast real estate is in high demand. It was $4.0 million in November 2021, an increase of 116.8 percent from the previous year's median price. Properties in Newport Coast are selling after an average of 44 days on the market, down from 119 days the year before. In November of this year, 26 homes were sold, an increase from the 16 that were sold in November of 2013. Some properties are the subject of multiple bids. The average time it takes to sell a house in 41 days, and the average price is about 1% below the listing price. On average, a Hot Home sells for 2% above the asking price and closes in 25 days or less.
If you're looking for a community with a wide range of amenities and family-friendly facilities, Irvine is the place for you. People seeking a high standard of living choose to reside in Irvine because of its convenient access to major freeways and a wide range of employment opportunities.
In November 2021, the median price of a home in Irvine was $1.2 million, increasing 28.7% from the previous year. A decrease from 49 days last year to an average of 26 days this year for Irvine homes for sale. There were 214 home sales in November this year, down from 264 in November. Some contingencies have been dropped to encourage buyers to submit an offer. Within 26 days, most homes are sold at a profit of around 3% above the asking price. Sales of hot properties can go through in as little as 12 days, with buyers paying 7% more than their asking price on average.
Laguna Beach
Immigration and tourism have fueled a housing boom in Laguna Beach since the early 2000s. As a result of the recent housing boom, the price of homes in Laguna Beach rose significantly in 2017. Even though this trend is expected to continue, some experts believe home values will begin to level off in 2022.
Property values in Laguna Beach rose 38.3% to $2.6 million in November 2021 from the prior year's median price. The average time for a Laguna Beach home to sell has dropped from 99 days to 56 days. Forty-two homes were sold in November this year.  There aren't many people who get multiple offers. Within 51 days of going on the market, the average home sells for 2 percent less than the asking price. Typically, a Hot Home sells for 1% over the asking price and closes within 25 days of being priced out of the market.
Newport Beach
Located in Orange County, Newport Beach is an affluent beach town. Newport Beach, California, is consistently ranked as one of the most desirable communities in the state because of its luxurious appeal.
In November 2021, the median home price in Newport Beach was $3.0 million, up 25.2% from the year before. On average, homes in Newport Beach sell in 42 days, down from 78 days last year. November this year sold 127 sales, down from 130 deals in November last year. Some properties are the subject of multiple bids. The standard is selling a home for 1% less than the asking price and putting it on the market for about 40 days. Typically, a hothouse can sell 2% more than the asking price and close in 21 days.
2022 Orange County Housing Market Forecast
Housing prices in Orange County are set to rise even further. Home values are expected to level off in 2022 as a result of the recent housing boom. Luxury home sales are anticipated to expand. Cooling measures are unlikely to be implemented in any one neighborhood or city. As a result, some areas may see a decrease in the number of available properties for purchase. These changes could lead to more bidding wars and higher average sale prices in the real estate market. However, supply and demand play a significant role in the real estate market's current high prices compared to those seen in 2008. As a result of misguided market perceptions, prices were artificially raised in 2008.
In today's market, the rise in prices is due to a combination of factors, including low supply and high demand. As a result of low-interest rates in the past, the CARES Act (Coronavirus Relief & Economic Security Act) was signed into law, preventing mortgage foreclosures. This housing crisis will quickly absorb any new foreclosed properties that do appear. We expect more inventory to enter the market in 2022 when foreclosures return and home builders pick up the pace. The housing crisis will not be solved for at least another six years because of the low current supply. For a long time and possibly even a policy shift, it will take a different course and get the market back neutral.
Final Thoughts
The Coastal Orange County real estate market shows that the market is doing well, with prices going up. It's critical to monitor the progression of this concept and be ready for changes as they occur. Home prices are expected to remain high as long as the demand for homes continues to outpace the supply. Reach out to our team of experts today to get started on developing your strategy for coping with these rapidly shifting times!

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