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Real Estate brokers sometimes are guilty of this.  Particularity those who brag about having so many agents.  There are those who like to delegate and disappear.  Then there are those who are the opposite,  These people are control freaks. Both managers or brokers are ineffective and doomed to failure.

An effective leader does not simply hand out jobs for others to do. The effective leader first puts the structure and processes in place to assure the successful execution by others.

Consider the person who starts a business because they love the product, food for example. The is so much more to running a restaurant than understanding food. You need to know how to run an operation, and, in fact, you don’t have time to get into the weeds on the food. You must lead and manage and understand all elements of that business, but primarily, be able to manage and hold your employees accountable.

I worked with someone who had built a very successful home services business. He did the sales, and his wife did the bookkeeping. He hired service staff to work with him. He has a successful business but has hit a growth roadblock. How many proposals can he do in one day? How many follow-up calls can he take from his telephone staff?

One day he decided that he needed to grow his sales, so he hired more service and office people. Nothing spectacular happened. He did receive more business but then he also started losing some business.

He was doing everything as before.  In addition, he was not monitoring how his sales and service staff was working with the customers.  They had not direction.

When a business owner to train and empower the team, he or she fails to harness the power of their organization. Here is an example of what was happening.

A customer would call the company with problem with their product. The person answering the phone would have no authority other than to forward the message and dispatch a service person. Now, when the service person would arrive, he would find that the customer merely had to reset a switch. You can imagine the customer’s anger with this waste of time. Who is to blame, the person taking the call or the service person? Neither is to blame.  They had not been empowered to solve the problem at the earliest point.

Business owners resist delegating decision-making authority because that they think that no one can make these decisions as well as they can. To be sure delegating properly does take time. You cannot delegate and disappear!  You will have to train and monitor the person to whom you assign the task. When you first delegate, it’s often faster to do it yourself.   And before you delegate you need to have process and structure in place.

Star Model

If you have not reviewed your entire strategic plan in a few years, I suggest starting with reviewing and redefining your strategy, followed by your structure, your processes, and your goals. Then make sure each person understands his or her part. Hold them accountable. If you do this you will have more sales, less friction, less fires to put out and confidence in your delegation.  For a similar post on our website see DELEGATE YOUR AUTHORITY BUT YOU REMAIN RESPONSIBLE.

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Ray Henson
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I found delegating authority was one of the most difficult things to do.  People will make decisions differently than you.  Sometimes the decisions are good and sometimes they are not good.  Hopefully, you can discuss the decisions without creating fear in the one you have delegated to.  Otherwise, you are right back to square one...or worse.  Thank you for sharing this post.  I had not seen it and it is a good one.

Jan 26, 2022 06:44 AM