2022 CRE Trends to Watch Out For

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CRE trends come and go – the industry always changes. The same can be expected in 2022, as technological advances, workplace shifts, and the effects of the pandemic impact the commercial real estate landscape. In this article, we will cover a few of these trends to pay attention to in 2022.

CRE Trend #1: Artificial Intelligence

First up is artificial intelligence (AI). This is a big one. For years there has been talk of the impact AI will have on commercial real estate. While it's not something that can be used across all CRE sectors, it is still worth looking into.

AI can both reduce costs and improve efficiencies in some industries, like healthcare facilities management (FM). It cannot replace human workers in all cases, but it may offer an opportunity to free up employees for higher-value, more rewarding tasks.

CRE Trend #2: Diversity and Inclusion

A diverse and inclusive workforce is good for business. We've known this as a fact for some time now, but it's become a necessary priority in 2022. Not only does diversity lead to more creative thinking and greater commercial success, but it can also increase rentable space on-site. This is especially true for hotel and office space that focuses on providing a more comfortable experience for minority groups.

CRE Trend #3: Remote Work

The pandemic has obviously had a huge impact on workplace trends, the main one being the massive increase in remote work. Staff who previously commuted to work now work remotely, which means they can live where they want.

This benefits commercial real estate owners in two ways. First, it reduces commuters' need for travel lodging (and the lodging industry's need for staff housing options). Second, it increases demand for flexible office space that can be adapted to suit each individual company's needs.

CRE Trend #4: Industrial Real Estate

Industrial real estate (IR) is continuing to rise in popularity. This is hardly surprising, given that e-commerce and internet retail has become so popular. While it's an incredibly competitive market, IR offers many opportunities for CRE professionals who find the right property fast enough.

Many CRE project managers are also outsourcing their construction projects to take advantage of this growing industry trend.

CRE Trend #5: Hospitality Industry

After taking a huge hit during the pandemic, it's expected that the hospitality industry will make big strides in 2022, especially as sanitization processes and other safety precautions are being taken. Hotels, resorts, and other hospitality venues will continue to focus on providing safe spaces for guests, which means hoteliers need to ensure they are investing in the right property.

CRE Trend #6: Supply-Chain Disruption Solutions

The supply chain has experienced and still is experiencing disruptions at every turn. As such, CRE professionals can expect to see demand for supply-chain disruption solutions grow over the next few years. These include low-tech solutions like packing materials and moving containers, as well as high-tech virtual warehouses.

CRE professionals need to create the right toolbox for the challenges ahead. By investing in training, skillsets, and building a diverse network of colleagues and business partners, CRE owners will be able to proactively adapt to changing market conditions and trends.

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