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How Paresh Found the Ideal Real Estate Marketing Service

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Imagine three years ago, an agent — let’s call him Paresh — wanted to generate more real estate leads and referrals. He knew he needed better tactics and, overall, a more effective real estate marketing system to reach his ambitious goals. So, he went looking for a real estate marketing company that could help.

Fast forward to today and Paresh has significantly increased the number of real estate leads he’s getting from geo farming. He has also doubled his client referrals.

He credits his success in large part to the real estate marketing service he selected.

So, how did he make that choice?

Let’s look at the criteria Paresh used to get the expert real estate help he needed.

Paresh searched for a real estate marketing company that:

  • Focuses exclusively on real estate marketing. It’s all they do, so they do it better than anyone.
  • Has been in business for several years, ideally decades.
  • Has a track record of helping thousands of agents accomplish what he wants to achieve. (In Paresh’s case, he wanted to get more geographic farming leads and real estate agent referrals.)
  • Has glowing client testimonials from agents just like him.
  • Provides a complete real estate marketing system, not just one part. (Paresh didn’t want to have to work with multiple vendors.)
  • Has a system that is mainly automated and done-for-you. (He didn’t want to have to do a lot of “marketing grunt work.” Instead, he wanted to maximize his time meeting prospects, working with clients, and selling properties.)
  • Includes direct mail as part of its real estate marketing system because, as Paresh discovered, real estate direct mail creates a unique impact and helps to build loyal relationships with his prospects and past clients.
  • Has real estate marketing experts on staff who can help with advice and ideas.
  • Can help him become a “referral-worthy” agent. Paresh knew that’s the key to him building a thriving career.
  • Genuinely cares about the success of their clients. And it shows.

As you can see, Paresh had a lot of checkboxes that needed to be ticked before he was satisfied that he’d found a real estate marketing service to partner in his success.

He was careful about who he chose, and it paid off. Three years later, his real estate geographic farming leads and client referrals are growing. As a result, Paresh feels confident — excited! — about his future.

This story accurately represents the experiences of thousands of our clients using our real estate marketing systems. So we’re not shy about saying, we meet all of Paresh’s criteria!

What is your criteria for choosing the right real estate marketing company? Let us know.

This article was originally published on our real estate marketing tips and advice blog.

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