What to Know Before Buying Cherry Kitchen Cabinets

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Cherry kitchen cabinets have a long-standing reputation in wealthy homes. It has been a design option for many homeowners in past and present times. Cherry is a popular hardwood known for its beautiful warm hue. It also has a distinctive aging process that makes it a more refined wood as it ages.

If you don’t know much about this type of wood but would like to give it a try for your next kitchen remodeling project, then you should check out this review of cherry kitchen cabinets to decide.

Characteristics of cherry wood

It is a closed-grain wood type with varied colors ranging from light white to light brown. The most distinguishing characteristic of cherry wood is its reddish hue. This wood type can darken if your kitchen has plenty of light getting in. Therefore, you should pick a hue that you are comfortable turning a bit darker.

Cherry wood finishes

The aging process of cherry wood makes it stain darker. This distinctive characteristic makes its stains and finishes unique in the kitchen. Homeowners are advised to take different color variations if their kitchens will be made of cherry.

Cost of cherry cabinets

Yes, you’re right- cherry kitchen cabinets are more expensive than regular kitchen cabinets. You should expect to pay more by about 15-20% than what you would have paid for normal wood types like maple. However, if you want to reduce the cost of cherry kitchen cabinets, you should opt for the ready-to-assemble option.

Summary of pros and cons of cherry kitchen cabinets

You can use this summary of cherry’s pros and cons to determine whether it is a suitable option that you have in your kitchen.

The pros:

-It is an amazing wood type that has varied finishes and stains. It also has a perfect aging process that makes it stain well

-It has an array of beautiful variations that fit different home designs

-The color is distinctive and becomes better with age

-It is easy to carve, sand, and mold to fit any kitchen design.

The cons:

-It can change its color in an unpredictable manner because it reacts to light

-The color change of cherry cabinets can make it hard to rhyme it with other kitchen equipment

-It is an expensive wood option.

With these pros and cons, you can decide if cherry kitchen cabinets are ideal for your next kitchen remodeling project.

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