Capitalist Exploits Insider Weekly Review

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Capitalist Exploits Insider Weekly Review

Insider Weekly is a contrarian investment service run by Chris MacIntosh at his company called Capitalist Exploits.

If you are interested in buying beaten down stocks in neglected sectors but don't know where to start - you might want to consider getting guidance from an experienced fund manager - Chris MacIntosh.

Insider Weekly is a service that sends out a newsletter once a week to subscribers. I wrote a full review of Insider Weekly here.

Insider Weekly Review

The Insider Weekly newsletter gives a full commentary on the markets and global macro economical situation. Chris doesn't mess his words and says it like it is!

This can be a good thing because he doesn't sugar coat things, but rather looks for the profit making opportunities in bad situations.

Chris specializes in finding sectors and stocks within the sector that have been neglected and beaten down in price. We are talking stocks that are 90% down from their majestic highs.

Usually there is some political reason for the deep price cuts in the sectors that he chooses. He is really good at finding areas that will likely bounce back in the longer-term.

Chris has help from Brad, his main research guy and a team at Capitalist Exploits. They are a group of veteran investors that have managed some high net worth clients money over the years.

The idea behind these investment ideas is that there is very little downside - the stocks they choose are already so cheap. But, there is massive upside potential thus giving this strategy a highly asymmetric risk/reward.

Overall, I think Capitalist Exploits has a team with a lot of credibility. The research they supply on a weekly basis is extensive (sometimes 40 pages of deep dive research and expert insight!).

You can read more about ChrisMacintosh and the service here.


Capitalist Exploits Insider Weekly Review

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