January 2022 WISCONSIN FORESTLAND SOLD REPORT Waupaca County; Hunting, Timber, Investments! Market Snapshot

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Wisconsin Forestland Report


January 2022 WISCONSIN FORESTLAND SOLD REPORT Waupaca County; Hunting, Timber, Investments! Market Snapshot for 20+ Acre Properties




Sold Properties Report

Price Total Acres $/Acre Original MLS # Status Municipality County
$60,000 40 $1,500 50235948 Sold Lebanon Waupaca
$98,000 20.9 $4,689 50246435 Sold Fremont Waupaca
$100,000 23 $4,348 22100784 Sold Matteson Waupaca
$135,000 24.61 $5,486 50247788 Sold Caledonia Waupaca
$140,000 81.31 $1,722 50233556 Sold Mukwa Waupaca
$161,000 70 $2,300 50238536 Sold Weyauwega Waupaca
$164,900 26.48 $6,227 50237131 Sold Caledonia Waupaca
$165,000 39 $4,231 50236075 Sold Waupaca Waupaca
$175,000 38.48 $4,548 50233469 Sold Bear Creek Waupaca
$185,000 39 $4,744 1558547 Sold Harrison Waupaca
$188,000 40 $4,700 50229333 Sold Scandinavia Waupaca
$204,000 37 $5,514 50241921 Sold Helvetia Waupaca
$215,000 37.58 $5,721 50238219 Sold Lebanon Waupaca
$300,000 118.75 $2,526 50242059 Sold Lind Waupaca
$310,000 95 $3,263 50237742 Sold Weyauwega Waupaca
$365,500 60.21 $6,070 50238081 Sold Waupaca Waupaca
$464,750 80 $5,809 50246051 Sold Matteson Waupaca
$500,000 79.21 $6,312 50249499 Sold Dayton Waupaca
$550,000 99.4 $5,533 50249143 Sold Dayton Waupaca
$579,000 132.38 $4,374 50235714 Sold Mukwa Waupaca
$630,000 160 $3,938 50228922 Sold Matteson Waupaca
     $    4,689 Median Price / Acre      
$5,690,150         1,342  $    4,239 Average Price / Acre      







Waupaca County Wisconsin, Forests, Wildlife and Fun in the Fox ValleyWaupaca Oaks

212 Thousand Acres of Forested Wildlife habitat can be found in this county at the Northwest edge of the Fox Valley area.

The forested hills and valleys of this beautiful county make for great habitat for both people and a variety wildlife.


  Our clients at Woodland Management Service own land here for the bountiful wildlife and for the quality Oak timber.

hemlock forest  The largest portion of this 212 thousand acres of forest land is Oak with over 68 thousand acres of Oak forests which provide premium deer and turkey habitat along with timber income.  

These forests are not only good for producing income for our clients and great habitat for Deer and Turkeys, but it also provide good

forest wildlife

habitat for many other wildlife like Bears, Grouse, and more.

  If you are interested in purchasing land or Selling land in Waupaca County click the link or give me a call.

If you own some forest land and would like to learn more about how to improve this land, give Woodland Management Service a call and our Foresters and Wildlife Specialists will help you to accomplish your goals.







Forestland; Hunting, Timber, Investments!Forestland Experts

When looking to Buy, Sell or Invest in Forestland anywhere in Wisconsin, there is only one place to call.

When you need an Expert in all facets of Timberland, Hunting Land, and Investment Properties; Call on the Forestland Experts at Woodland Management Service and Woodland Real Estate.

The experts at Woodland Real Estate and Woodland Management Service have over 30 years of experience in working with huntingland, timberland investments throughout Wisconsin and beyond.

When you are ready to get serious about your forestland investments, call on the experts at the Woodland Companies!


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