Three Key Ways That Driverless Cars Are Going to Reshape How We Design and Use Our Homes

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The ways that driverless cars will change the way we design and use our homes are numerous.

Are you ready for the coming shift to driverless cars? While it might seem like some sort of futuristic vision, the truth is that driverless vehicles will be on the road within a few short years. Let's explore three key ways that driverless cars are going to help to shape how we think about our homes in the very near future.

#1: Goodbye, Garages

It might seem a bit strange to think about now, but many people are likely to get rid of their cars entirely. Car ownership is expected to shift to entrepreneurs and services who offer vehicles for on-demand use. We are already starting to see this transition take place, especially with city dwellers who are getting used to Uber, Lyft, and other ride-sharing services. So, if you do not own a car, having a garage attached to your house does not make much sense.

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Consider the many possibilities that a garage full of cars might be used for by your family. Your house footprint may be expanded, or you can turn this space into more yard space.

#2: Get Used To Smaller Streets And More Efficient Land Use

The second major shift you will notice is a complete re-imagining of how we build and use our roads. Fewer people will own automobiles that need to be parked along the side of the road. Self-driving cars can also move away for storage when they aren't in use. This combination will allow city planners to clear streets, freeing up

#3: More Space Means More Green Space

Finally, expect to see a lot more greenery around your property in the future. You'll have extra space for landscaping, flower beds, gardens, trees, and other yard features. Even if you buy a driverless vehicle in the future, it's likely to be electric. The most important commitment you'll need to make is either a charging

There are a lot of people who believe that driverless cars will have a huge impact on how we live, work, and transport from point to another. If you're interested in taking advantage of the transition when purchasing your next house, get in touch with us. Our team of real estate professionals will be delighted to provide you with some great home listings.

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