Achieving Homeownership with Mortgage Interest Credit

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There are so many things hidden in the fine print, but it takes someone willing to point you in the right direction for you to benefit.  As I was refreshing my knowledge on home deductions, I ran across the Mortgage Interest Credit.  In reading the details, I thought, I sure wish someone had shared this information with me when I was a struggling single parent purchasing my first home.  None the less, here is a summary of the Mortgage Interest Credit.

The Mortgage Interest Credit is a credit designed to help lower-income individuals achieve homeownership.  This credit is available to first-time homebuyers who meet the income and purchase limit requirements. To claim the credit, you must obtain a Mortgage Credit Certificate from the state or local agency prior to obtaining a mortgage to purchase the home.  In Tennessee, the agency to contact is Tennessee Housing Development Agency.  This credit allows the taxpayer to claim a dollar-for-dollar credit up to $2,000 for mortgage interest paid.  This credit is a non-refundable credit.  In other words, this credit can be used to offset tax liability but will not result in a refund in excess of the tax liability.   The excess credit can be carried forward to the next year.  The credit is claimed by completing form 8396.

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