How Much Does a Cabinet Refacing in Toronto Cost?

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Is your kitchen in need of a change that won't break the bank? If so, look no further than cabinet resurfacing. Cabinet refacing in Toronto with Platinum Pro Painters is an easy procedure, and the results are magnificent!

Here you will learn how much you should expect to pay for cabinet refacing in Toronto, but first, let's explain just what exactly cabinet refacing is and when to consider it.

What Is Cabinet Refacing?

Cabinet refacing differs from replacing or painting. A full replacement is when the entire cabinet, exterior door and interior compartment, is replaced, hence the name. Painting refers to only surface touch-up, while the hardware of the cabinets remains unaltered.

Cabinet refacing, on the other hand, means keeping the cabinet boxes but replacing the doors and drawer fronts. Then an identical veneer can be applied to exposed panels and cabinet fronts, thus creating a natural, high-quality look and the look of new cabinets altogether. 

Why Reface?

Cabinet refacing grants you the ability to completely revamp the look of your cabinets without having to pay for a total replacement. This is especially useful if the internal compartments are in good condition. 

It's often an aesthetic move, as refacing allows you to change the style of your kitchen cabinets. Doing so can completely change the look of your kitchen entirely. 

From on-site preparation to cabinet preparation to installation, the procedure is designed with superior craftsmanship in mind, so have no fear that a refacing won't get the job done.

Cabinet Refacing in Toronto

Don't endure the hassle of trying to reface your kitchen cabinets on your own. Professional cabinet renovation is easy in a city as large as Toronto. There are several options to choose from. 

Platinum Pro Painters, however, rises to the top. Catering to the entire city of Toronto, our team of experts strives for nothing less than perfection. In fact, some of our work has been featured on HGTV!

We are the right people for the job, but don't take our word for it. Read reviews of our services and hear it from our customers. 


The number of cabinets that need to be replaced serves as the primary indicator of costs. From there, the material used is going to impact the cost. Solid wood, for instance, costs more than something with plastic laminate. 

Refer to this guide to get a better understanding of how much your refacing will cost and why it costs what it does. 

Costs vary widely, but expect to pay $4000 to $9000 to reface all your kitchen cabinets. Again, the number of cabinets and materials used determines this.

Get Started

Don't be satisfied with your shabby kitchen cabinets. A refurbishment to make them stunning is only a phone call away.

It's simple. Contact us at Platinum Pro Painters for a free quote on cabinet refacing in Toronto >> . You can have beautiful kitchen cabinets in no time! 

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