25 Instagram Poll Ideas for Real Estate Agents

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At least 77% of small businesses use social media to generate sales or leads. If you are thinking about starting to use social media to grow your real estate lead generation, then you’ve landed on the right article to help you out.

We’ll answer why social media is the way to go and the ways you can utilize it to gain potential clients as a real estate agent. We’ll also give you 25 poll ideas to ask your followers on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram!

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Lead Generation Through Social Media

Social media is a great way to generate leads. Since so many people use social media platforms on a daily basis, your business can easily grow by also utilizing them as a way of digital marketing.

If you are thinking about using social media for the real estate market, you can utilize Instagram as a way to show off your gallery of photos. Real estate social media is also used to provide information about the real estate market. Because carousels are doing so well on Instagram these days, utilizing something like this would be a great way to generate leads.

Why Is Engagement Important?

As potential clients scroll through Instagram or Facebook and come upon your pages, they’ll most likely look at how many followers you have or how many people like your photos to see if they should trust your page and your company.

As a real estate agent, you want potential clients’ trust immediately.

To get more engagement, make sure to engage with the rest of the community as well!

10 Poll Ideas to Ask on Social Media to Create Real Estate Lead Generations

Using polls to ask questions on social media is a great way to engage your audience. Not only will it increase engagement, but it will also grow your community and help out any potential buyers with the answers they need.

1. Which Door Color Would You Choose?

Asking questions about the exterior of the home will help grow your potential clients because you can cater to their preferences. Start posting more listings based on the option they choose.

2. Which Cabinet Style Do You Prefer?

Asking potential buyers about their preference for interior design will also give you as the real estate agent an idea of how to attract them to potential homes. Start posting listings with their interior design preference on social media.

3. Which Restaurant Is Better for a Date?

This one may not seem relevant at first, but at second glance it is. This will help guide you to the location that a potential buyer is interested in.

4. What’s Your Favorite Part of Your Home?

For this poll, incorporate the options of living room and backyard. Based on their answers, you’ll understand what type of space is most important.

5. Which Mailbox Do You Prefer?

Ask your followers whether they prefer a traditional mailbox or a personalized one! Use images from your listings.

listing photosUse your listing photos to increase engagement on social media!


6. Which Exterior Walls Do You Prefer?

For this poll, you can incorporate options such as stucco, brick, or laminate siding!

7. Which American Style Exterior Do You Prefer?

Give your followers the option of a colonial-style or a Craftsman-style home. Or, look through your listings and ask your followers to vote on different styles!

8. Which Type of Walkway Do You Like?

For this one, I would include different types of walkways like stone walkways, concrete walkways, and brick walkways and have your followers vote on which ones they like the most!

9. Which Type of Stove Do You Like to Cook On?

Give your followers a choice between gas stoves and electric stoves. Sometimes you can offer funny responses such as “none, I only eat takeout!” to increase engagement and show off your personality!

10. True or False: Homes in Sell for $400,000 on Average.

Asking true or false questions can help you generate leads while giving your followers helpful information. Maybe they’ll be surprised at the buyer’s market or the seller’s market in your area!

15 More Real Estate Poll Question Ideas

Due to the popularity of this post, we’ve added fifteen more poll ideas for you to use on your social media channels!

11. Which Type of Flooring Do You Prefer?

Asking questions about interior design is a great way to pull in your followers and gain more trust from potential clients because you’re catering to their preferences.

12. Which Floor Plan Do You Prefer?

Asking followers which floor plan is their favorite can help pull in more leads and generate interest on your page! Maybe they’ll find that they like a floor plan you didn’t know about. Try asking multiple polls about different floor plans for example, “Which House Plan Do You Prefer?”

13. What Is Your Favorite Yard Ornament?

Asking followers to vote on their favorite yard ornament can provide useful information for potential clients who are looking at different homes. Maybe they’ll have an idea of what they’d like to see in their next home!

14. Which Type of Kitchen Backsplash Do You Prefer?

Asking followers about their interior design preferences is a great way to increase engagement on social media and gain more clients.

15. True or False: A Yard Sign Can Increase the Sale Price of Your Property.

What’s your opinion about yard signs? Use images from listings to start this poll!

16. What Do You Like to Eat for Breakfast?

How do you like your eggs? Just kidding, try using this poll to engage with your followers and potential clients!

17. Which Type of Lawnmower Do Your Prefer?

This one may seem random at first, but it’s actually very useful! Asking which type of lawnmower your followers prefer can give you insight into what to recommend to new homeowners.

18. Which One of These Vehicles Would You Rather Drive?

Vehicle preferences can be hard to determine, so use images from listings and offer a humorous response as one of the options! Or, try asking questions about specific vehicles such as “Which is Better: Ford or Chevy?”

19. Which Type of Sofa Do You Prefer?

Is leather your favorite type of fabric for sofas? Maybe you prefer microfiber, suede, or chenille! Asking questions about interior design is a great way to gain more trust from potential clients.

20. Do You Live in a House or an Apartment?

Since most polls are able to accommodate a large number of options, you can include plenty of responses for this one! Try asking questions like “Do You Live in a House?”, “Do You Live in an Apartment?”, “Do You Live in a Condo?”

21. Which Type of Fence Do You Prefer?

Fencing can be very personal preference, so asking your followers for their input will give you even more ideas to recommend to new homeowners!

22. If You Could Choose Any Room in Your House to Redo, Which Room Would You Choose?

If you could choose any room in your house, which room would it be? This question will make your followers think about their home and inspire them to connect with you when looking for a new home.

23. Do You Prefer Square Footage or Outside Decks?

Do you prefer square footage or decks? Asking followers questions about their preferences can help you generate more leads and find ideal homes for them!

24. Which Type of Siding Do You Prefer?

Siding is another important interior design element that can affect your home’s resale value and can tell you a lot about your followers’ preferences.

25. Do You Prefer Fireplaces or More Space?

Do you prefer fireplaces or more space? Maybe they would rather have both! This poll is excellent for gaining insight on what potential clients want and generating some interesting conversations on social media!

Start Using These Poll Ideas to Generate Real Estate Leads Immediately

It may be difficult to start creating leads right away through social media. But by using certain engagement techniques like these polls in your stories, you’ll see potential buyers engaging more and more.

If you are ready to skyrocket your lead generation through your real estate social media posts, contact us for a photoshoot to add to your social media platforms!

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