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What does the letter CP2000 Mean? Your being audited.

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I represent tax payers in the greater St. Louis Area, the state of Missouri and nationwide who have IRS issues with unfiled tax returns and unpaid Federal and State Taxes.

It's been quite a while that I have posted however there is a good reason for that. The onslaught of letters that are titled the same as my headline above has kept me quite busy.

The IRS has a very easy way to collect money from you and it's known as a correspondence audit.  If you get the letter CP 2000 from the IRS that means one of your tax returns has caught there attention. Despite all of the issues that the IRS is dealing with regarding unprocessed returns, getting out slow refunds and not answering the phone 90% of the time they are very effective in picking up errors on returns with there matching program.

It may be an innocent mistake such as not putting a 1099 on a return which I see a lot of with self prepared returns or someone who sells a property and doesn't report it. Regardless of the item in question if you ignore the request for information they will send you a follow up letter which is a tax proposal outlining all information statements received from third parties and the additional tax due as a result of suspected underreported income. If the information requested by the IRS isn't provided within 30 days the IRS will send letter CP3219A indicating there is a tax due. 

You have 90 days from the date of the notice to submit additional information or petition the tax court.

If you or someone else you know are having issues with unfiled tax returns, wage or commission levies please don't hesitate to email me @info@steveshapiroea.com or call 636-397-2759 or text to 636-866-4554.

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