Should You Use Video in your Real Estate Email Marketing?

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Consider the following two scenarios…

Scenario #1. You want to send a message to an important past client. This is a client that can potentially be a good source of real estate referrals for you. So, you compose an email saying how much you appreciate their support and offer to send them a regular real estate newsletter.

(That is a great tactic, by the way!)

Now let’s look at this same scenario with a slight variation.

Scenario #2. You want to send the same message to the same past client. But instead of just writing a message, you email a personal video. In that video, you speak to them directly, thank them for their support, and offer to send them your real estate newsletter. You even hold up a copy of your newsletter so they can see the contents and value for themselves.

Which scenario is likely to make the biggest impact on your client? #1 or #2?

If you instinctively picked #2, your instincts are correct. A video makes an impact that a text-only email can’t match.

In the past, emailing a video was a cumbersome affair. First, you had to record the video, which wasn’t always easy. Then you had to insert a link into the email and hope it works. What often happened was your prospect or client would have difficulties viewing the video.

Those days are gone.

Today, assuming you have the right tool or app, you can easily record a video using your phone, tablet, or desktop and — in just a click — insert that video in an email. What your client sees when they receive your email is a clear thumbnail of the video that they can click and play.

So it’s worth thinking about how you can leverage emailing videos in your real estate marketing. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Alerting a client of a new home for sale that fits their needs. (You can even record the video while standing in front of the house.)
  • Reaching out to a prospect with helpful information.
  • Replying to enquiries from your website and other real estate lead generation sources. (Video will help you stand out from other agents.)
  • Providing updates on a client’s listing.
  • Re-engaging long-ago prospects.

The possibilities are almost endless.

The bottom line is, sending a video by email is now easy for you to do and even easier for your prospects and clients to view. So, when you want your email to make a unique and personal impact, consider video. Of course, you may not want to send a video with every email. Still, you should be thinking about how best to use video to boost real estate lead generation, improve conversions, and build stronger relationships with clients.

By the way, our real estate marketing system for client referrals includes email marketing with BombBomb integration, enabling you to send video emails with just a click.

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