Audit Season Continues. Why me?

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I represent tax payers in the greater St. Louis area, the state of Missouri and nationwide who have issues with unfiled tax returns and unpaid Federal and State taxes.

As continuing news stories about IRS issues pertaining to all of the tax returns not processed, this week the number is 17 million. Last week I heard 24 million, I'm not sure what to believe. 

What is fact is only 10% of taxpayer calls are being answered and staffing problems linger on. Some good news for beleaguered tax payers is the IRS is temporally stopping some dunning notices. There is enough confusion out there and I commend the IRS implementing this practice. 

If you have unfiled returns or outstanding issues does that mean you are out of the woods, not hardly.

Audits are on the rise and if you are one of chosen ones whose number has come up you are likely wondering why me?

If you feel like you are being picked on because you received a letter from the IRS that does not always suggest there is a problem. The IRS has several different methods for selection.

Random selection and computer screening. Sometimes returns are selected based on a statistical formula.  Your return is compared against what they call norms for similar returns. This is done randomly.

Related examinations. Have a business partner, or an investor involved in your business? Perhaps there return was audited because there are issues the IRS is interested in. This is where it gets interesting. Why? Because an experienced auditor reviews the return. If something doesn't look right the items are noted and the file is assigned to an examining group. What type of items will the IRS request?



Canceled Checks

Legal Papers, ie Divorce Settlements, Criminal or civil documents., Loan Agreements.

Logs: Dates and locations of your travel and business purpose.

Note: Never mail original records Send them copies.

There are many more items that may be requested but too many to mention here.

If you or someone else you has liens or is about to get levied because of outstanding tax liabilities please don't hesitate call me @636-397-2759 or text me @ 636-866-4554 or email me 


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