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Is Blogging A Hobby?

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Do you have a hobby? No, not that kind of hobby😀. I'm talking about something you do for fun, to take your mind off of things, to relax. Maybe you knit, play golf, or go hiking.


Well, I have a hobby: blogging (still working on improving my writing). And I love it! It's a great way to stay connected with friends and family, express my thoughts and feelings, and just have some fun.


Blogging has also been therapeutic for me in ways I never thought possible. When I feel sad, mad, or depressed about money, family, or relationships, I vent my feelings through this blog. And then I feel better!


For example, a few weeks ago, I was feeling terrible about the fact that Mr was working 60 hours per week and didn't have time for me anymore. So I wrote a post entitled " When Your Spouse Becomes Just Another Coworker ". The next morning, I woke up to an inspiring comment on that post:


Fortunately for you, I can't relate. I have enjoyed a life full of complete financial independence since the ripe young age of 30. My husband and I are not just both passionate about our careers but also have several shared interests. We are on the same page on a whole lot of issues. We have a beautiful daughter and both pursue personal hobbies, learning new skills, going outdoors, travelling to see interesting places and cultures, etc. We have shared interests but also have our own individual interests as well. There is no rivalry here.

Our relationship is more than "just another coworker".

As the woman who wrote that comment said, Mr and I have a fantastic relationship. We are very happy together. But of course, being around each other so much does get boring sometimes! So I think it's important for us to have separate interests, too.


For example, here are some things I love:

  • Making my own money!
  • Spending my own money on whatever I want!
  • Buying nice stuff for myself and others, just because it's fun or makes me feel good. (Like that time I bought all those shoes.)
  • Finding new ways to keep our marriage fresh.

It's really important to me to make sure this type of thing continues even after I have kids. So I've started a second blog: blogging about relationships!

I love to discuss the things I'm passionate about, debate different points of view, and just generally chat with people who are interested in the same kinds of things that I am.

And the great thing about blogging is that I'm not just sharing my ideas and thoughts with close friends or family--I'm also getting feedback!


For example, in a post I wrote entitled " Why Kids Are Better Off Without Toys ", some commenters brought up some excellent points. For instance, one of them said:

People are constantly obsessing over the latest and greatest. It's like everyone needs to be constantly stimulated and entertained. I personally do not own a single toy, have no interest in them, and my kids are perfectly happy.


In response to that comment, I wrote:

I'm so glad you brought this up! As an analyst who spends a lot of time in her head, I totally understand where you're coming from. But sometimes it's nice to get out and do some more active things with your kids, too!


What hobbies are YOU passionate about? And what are the ways they make your life better?

I'm just getting started. I'd love to hear from you!

Thanks for reading...

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Beth, it is a great place to vent, but be careful when and how much!    Glad you found a comment you could relate to.

Feb 26, 2022 09:22 AM