Sago Sands condos on 30a

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The Sago Sands

Location: 3668 East County Highway 30A, Seagrove Beach, FL

Sago Sands is a luxury condominium located in front of the vast Gulf of Mexico. It beholds a spectacular view of the famous Seaside and Rosemary Beach, given it lies at the center of the Seagrove beach near Highway 30A.

About the Building

The Sago Sands is a well-polished and luxurious condominium, with sunsets and sunrises that will surely leave you in awe of the scenic beauty. The condominium's interior is sophisticated and is unmatched in terms of the elegance and comfort that it has to offer. The condominium overlooks the beautiful green ocean and pearl white sand as it is perched on the bluff of the Gulf. You can gaze upon the vast Gulf of Mexico with ease and can get emersed in its lively and breathtakingly picturesque skyline.

About the Amenities

The Sago Sands offers the best experience of both luxury and comfort. Near the condominium, there is a 19-mile paved bike/walk track that parallels the entire length of Highway 30A, a head turner if you want to remain in shape.  The condominium offers you direct access to the private beach and pool. After a hectic day, you can relax and calm your nerves in the outdoor showers or chill on the beach. The condominium is perfectly equipped to complement your taste, whether in a family setting or a laid-back getaway setting. The majestic beauty of the scenic view that one gets to see from the balcony is a sight to behold, given the peace and privacy that it has to offer.

The condo also has a community BBQ grill which happens to be the cherry on top when you want to spend some quality time with your family or friends.

This spacious condominium also comes with an elevator to ensure your comfort.

Despite the condo’s small size, it is a luxurious property at a stunning location with the best services available on the premises.

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