Kansas Land For Sale- Mixed Use Residential Development Opportunity!

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Mixed Use Residential or Commercial Land for Sale

Land for Sale in Kansas

Land for Sale in Missouri

In Wyandotte & Leavenworth Counties

Tracts located in areas experiencing growth 

In Referral Made by 

Angeliina Lawson KS License #SP00241147- Land on the Range, LLC

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Here is your opportunity to acquire a 40 +/- acre commercial development site on K7 Highway and Interstate 70. Pressure zone of two counties focused on development incentives-- with public city services available. High growth area with schools/services, luxury housing at Falcon Lakes Estates & Golf course, and commercial development current projects like the American Royal. The Unified Government Commission unanimously approved an agreement to bring the American Royal to Wyandotte County. The $165.4-million project is in a STAR bond district just a few parcels East on Parallel Pkwy. Capitalize on the new Leavenworth County future plans to develop the land across the way an industrial complex. In Kansas City, highways coverage and are a major stop for the haulers across the nation with the brand new KC Airport and BNSF railway intermodels. 


The soil has an average Class 2 & 3e and is ideal for row/permanent crops with an annualized yield. Current crop lease is month to month with a cash payment after harvest. There are 20 acres of crops.


Your opportunity to acquire the highly visible 40 acres in the heart of two counties growing towards each other as the metro expands and more residential rooftops are built. This has created pressure for more commercial and industrial development. Neighboring luxury home and townhomes, schools, and retail growth makes this an ideal investment. 


Industrial Revenue Bonds (IRBs) are used in Kansas to finance acquisition and construction of a broad variety of industrial, commercial, and industrial properties under K.S.A 12-1740 et seq on behalf of private business or non-profit agencies.


Sales Tax Revenue (STAR) Bonds the Unified Government the opportunity to issue bonds to finance the development of major commercial, entertainment and tourism areas and use the sales tax revenue generated by the development to pay off bonds. 



Property Highlights 

- Powerful Commercial Influence with prime visibility directly on K 7 highway and interstate 70

- Both bordering counties focused on industrial commercial future land use planning 

- 40 +/- Acre Parcel Zoned AG with Future use plans for Commercials 

- 20 acres of row crops; Soybean in 2021, monthly crop lease with cash  yield payment 

- Soil Class 2 & 3e Moderate - Intense Farming Capabilities 

- Economic Incentives in Wyandotte County


 In Referral Made by Angeliina Lawson KS License #SP00241147 - Land on the Range, LLC.

Myers Jackson Licensed Kansas Broker #00241352

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