How to Do Interior Decor that Carries Your Signature

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Whether you’ve just got a new home or it’s the same old one you’ve been living in for a while, breathing life into the interior is never a waste. The benefits are worth whatever amount it costs to do it as long as you can afford it. 

Home interior decor efforts can be highly fulfilling if meticulously executed. There are many available ideas to choose from but whatever you want to do falls within working on the walls, the floor, the ceiling and bringing in decor accessories. Some of these efforts are capable of breathing bubbly life into your home.

Let’s get down to business.

The Walls: 

The walls are those magical shields that make up most of your home. They ensure your privacy and give you warmth. Not only that, but you can also beautify them to your taste and let them boost your morale. How can you achieve this? 

First, you may choose to go for wallpaper. These decors come in different shades of colours and intricacy of patterns. For the most, they are fantastic and comparatively cheap to buy and paste. There are lots of colours and patterns to choose from: red brick models, plank models, and numerous others modelled after state-of-the-art architectural styles.  

However, the only glitch is the possibility of getting substandard wallpaper palmed off on you due to the flooding of wallpaper being currently experienced. However, you can pretty well get around this problem by first combing the internet for the wallpaper of your choice.

Then, order physical samples of your chosen wallpaper to see if the particular wallpaper pattern is the right fit for your project before committing to a multiple roll purchase. This allows you to see the actual colours and quality of the wallpaper, which might, according to wallpaper boulevard, appear slightly different on screen for some reason. 

Second, you have the option to paint your walls to give them some lustre. Traditionally, walls are painted using water-based or oil-based paints. However, a lot has changed, and science has blessed us with distinct innovations in paints, not in the base, but colours and qualities. We have role-specific paints such as eggshell, satin, matt and silk. 

Like colours, these different qualities serve you better in different rooms and spaces. For instance, eggshell paints are better suited for your living room, dining room, and other walls less exposed to direct contact with people. 

At times, walls are drawn on. It may be some animal image or abstract art or pattern. Whatever is your choice, make sure you stick to a colour scheme in the whole space. That is the only way you can effectively set your walls ablaze.  

The Floor:

The floor is another space in your home that can complement your modelling/remodelling efforts. In recent times, tiles have gained increased popularity with homeowners. However, that does not cast rugs and carpets into the background, as they also are still enjoying very high patronage. Many still use area rugs, especially oriental designs, in their living room. 

The bathroom and kitchen are where the tiles may extend onto the walls. And the shower area walls may either be covered with tiles or PVC panels; that’s besides painting.


Depending on what catches your fancy, you can bring in a couple of ornamental items such as vases, carvings, drawings and other artwork. An aquarium may not be out of place too. 


Obviously, there is overlapping since you can paint the ceilings just as you paint the walls. And you can use tiles on some walls just as you use them on the floor. The most important thing here is quenching your thirst for beautiful surroundings. Remember the quotes ‘beauty is in the eyes of the beholder’ and ‘a thing of beauty is a joy forever.’ 

Sub-Title: If you think home interior, think intricate painting, fascinating wallpaper, stylish tiles and fashionable panels; they hold the future of interior decoration.

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