Don Kaufman Ultima Spike Review

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Don Kaufman Ultima Spike Review

You can read my full review of The Ultima Income Generator alerts service here.


Don Kaufman and TheoTrades are respected names in the stock trading community. Don worked for ThinkorSwim for many years producing their excellent educational courses.

Over the last year or so they have been promoting a service called Ultima Spike or Ultima Income Generator.

From what I can tell this is possibly and options selling strategy (although I may be wrong!). In a strategy like this, the sellers of options contracts can make money just my collecting the premiums paid to them.

Don Kaufman ultima income spike review

Since most options contracts expire worthless the odds are highly in the favor of the options seller as long as they are selling contracts far out of the money.

I mean, we are talking a 90% win rate with typical wins over 50%. However, if the Don Kaufman Ultima Spike really is just a technique to sell options - it's worth realizing that the high win rate and high % gains sound impressive.

However, the amounts of money are small and the amount of capital required to secure these positions are large. While it is a valid strategy and I'm sure TheoTrades Don Kaufman is an expert in selling premium.

You can read more in my full Ultima Spike review. I will post all the details I uncover as I explore Don Kaufmans Ultima Income Generator program!


Don Kaufman Ultima Spike Review

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