What To Consider When Investing In Short-Term Rentals

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Thinking about investing in STR Real Estate? We at AirDeed have you covered. While it used to be a small niche investment, has now become a competitive industry that will only continue to grow over the next decade. Airbnb, VRBO, Vacasa are a few of the bigger names in the industry that created a marketplace for short-term rentals to be booked by guests. These have started to overtake hotels as the preferred lodging option for tourists, business travel, and month-long stays.

While even just a few years ago, starting an Airbnb business was essentially a license to print money; this has changed immensely with the increase in competition and the increase in real estate prices. While bland STR properties were once commonplace, over the next 5-10 years owning a generic Airbnb will result in a negative investment.

Below are the necessary actions to take to make sure you are prepared for owning profitable STR real estate.


  1. Identifying your objectives
  2. Do You Need A Realtor?
  3. Research Local Laws and Sentiment
  4. New or Existing STR Property?
  5. Understand the Capital Cost
  6. Get the Data
  7. Run the Numbers
  8. Time to Buy
  9. Marketing
  10. Get a Mentor

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