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When I made the decision to create the BPO Plus software I wanted to offer more than just automated software for BPOs.  I wanted to create a community!  A community of real estate agents that collaborate, share tips, provide support, and hold each other accountable.  I am excited to share that I’ve just opened the BPO Plus community forum.  As a bonus, there is even an accountability group section! 


Why accountability?


I have had the opportunity to be a part of intense leadership programs and masterminds.  Within the programs, we will pair up into groups for accountability buddies.  Some members sign up for the programs just for accountability.  I knew that accountability would need to be a part of my community to bring it all together. 


In researching accountability groups, I now realize why it’s so important.  An accountability group increases follow-through by over 70%. The group engagement creates behavior change that you will stick with. 


You probably have a goal that has been challenging whether it’s earning more income, getting healthier, exercising more, restoring relationships, or even doing BPO’s faster.  The BPO Plus community will support you, encourage pushing through problems, and celebrate your wins and successes.


The real estate community forum is geared towards BPO and REO agents, but anyone in the real estate industry is welcome to join the forum.  There will be prizes and awards based on participation and engagement. 


Please check out my real estate accountability group forum when you get a chance and introduce yourself to the BPO Plus community.

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