Selling A Home Whilst Divorcing In Birmingham AL

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Dividing A Home While Divorcing In Birmingham – We Buy Houses Birmingham    

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Anyone who has gone through a divorce can tell you how stressful and complicated process is. If you own a home together in Birmingham, you probably wonder how you can sell it and share the proceeds. At Chase Pays Cash LLC, we understand how complicated the process can be and that you cannot split the house in half as with other assets. We buy houses Birmingham regardless of your marital status. Call us and let us help you reduce the stress of your divorce and the house-selling process.



Real Estate In A Divorce Can Be Complicated, But We Can Help - We Buy Houses Birmingham For Cash


Real estate in divorces can be tricky. In most divorces, parties are often expected to split all their assets in half, but you cannot do that with your house. It is not practical because it is a solid structure whose value is derived from being whole. There is always the option of one party keeping the house if they can afford to pay for it, which they probably cannot.



That said, the best approach is to sell the house and split the amount between the two parties. Selling your house makes it easier for both of you to get a fresh start. Ultimately it comes down to what you believe is the best decision for you and your family. Should you decide to sell your house, reach out to us. We buy houses in Birmingham.


How To Divide A Home While Divorcing


 So, how do you divide a house whilst divorcing? There are plenty of approaches you can take. Here are the three options you can consider when dividing your home in a divorce:


Option 1 - Buy-Outs


One of you could decide to buy the other person out and keep the home. If you want to keep your home by buying your partner out, it will be best to find out the current value of your home, which will help you calculate the price of the buyout. It also helps to decide whether you will adjust that price for future capital gains or selling expenses of your home.


Your name may stay on the mortgage, but it is removed from the title deed should your partner buy you out from your home. It is worth mentioning that this can impact your credit score. For instance, if your partner misses a couple of payments, it negatively affects your credit score.



If your partner buys you out, it will be best to ask them to refinance the mortgage. Doing so ensures you are relieved from future financial obligations tied to the house. However, your partner can only refinance the mortgage if they have the assets and credit to do that.


 Option 2 - Joint Ownership


It may be better to maintain joint ownership of your home if you have children. You can maintain joint ownership until they reach a certain age. Meanwhile, decide how you will split your household expenses. Overall, the spouse living in the house takes up responsibilities for insurance, minor repairs, utilities, and taxes. Ideally, you will decide what makes more sense depending on your financial situation.


 Option 3 - Sell The House And Divide The Proceeds


 Selling the house then dividing the proceeds is the fastest and easiest way to divide your home while divorcing. We buy houses in Birmingham for cash, making this process more efficient. You will have to make some considerations when you take this approach. For instance, you have to decide if your finances and credit can get you a new home should you decide to buy another home or rent one.


A Fast & Stress-Free Way To Sell Your Home While Divorcing


 Dividing a home while divorcing can be complicated and stressful, especially if you try to sell your property yourself. At Chase Pays Cash LLC, we buy houses in Birmingham for cash even when dealing with divorce. We do not expect you to pay any fees or commission, and we will give you a fair offer. You will also decide the closing date that suits you best. Call us [phone] or fill out a form for a free no-obligation estimate today.


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