Searcy AR had a Disco Palace! 101 N Main. The building has history!

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Disco Palace Searcy AR old building many occupants

Disco Palace!

This is a rare photo loaned to me by Beverly McMinn and she gave me a little history about the building.  It is located at 101 N. Main in Searcy AR.  Note the famous place in the background on the left?  That looks like the Rendezvous Restaurant to me!  And here is the front of the building at that time.  The sign that says either hotel or motel is a sign pointing to the Mayfair Hotel.  I wish we could read all of it.

Disco Palace entry 101 N Main Searcy AR

Corner entries were popular back then and there are several in Searcy.  Check out Quattlebaum Music.  Very interesting about this building is its history.  Reportedly it was built in 1928 and it has been a funeral home, a candy company, attorney's office and the colorful Disco Palace.  (Disco Palace didn't last long.) It was bought in 1979 by Dr. Ron McMinn and was owned by the McMinn family until just a few weeks ago.  It is becoming a real estate company named Graywalt Properties LLC.  It will also house ProLand Title, a new closing company for this area.

Most fun?  The disco probably!!



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