Fun & Profitable Ways To Give Back To Your Blogging Network

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You know that it’s important to give, rather than just take, if you want to grow a dynamic tribe of blogging friends. No one wants to engage with someone who’s only out for themselves. Besides being obnoxious, it defeats the whole purpose of community. You want to be seen as a person who enjoys providing support, but you may not know how to do that within the world of blogging. Sure, you try to share friends’ posts as often as you can on social media, but there’s a lot more you could be doing to show your blog besties you have their backs. Read on to learn some new ways to give back to your blogging network.


Comment on Blog Posts

Leaving a Facebook comment or dropping 140 characters on Twitter is a convenient way to let other bloggers know you got something from their post. You spend lots of time on social media cultivating your network and promoting your blog, it makes sense to leave feedback there, as well. However, doing what’s easiest usually isn’t the most effective strategy, nor the most meaningful. Instead, set aside some time each day to actually visit the blogs you love and leave your comments there. Old-fashioned blog commenting has kind of gone by the wayside these days, and so this small gesture is usually very much appreciated.


Create Free Printables

If you have a knack for graphic design or possess other specialized skills that can be useful to your blogging pals, why not offer some free printables on your blog? If you’ve discovered an organizational tactic for keeping all your blogging tasks on-track, don’t keep that gem to yourself. Create a checklist for your tribe listing all the nitty-gritty details. Offer some of your artwork that folks can print and frame. Write a mini e-book as a guide to some particular aspect of your niche and offer it at no cost. Sure, these kinds of things can be great incentives for enticing folks to sign up for your mailing list, but offering them with no strings attached lets your network know you’re thinking of them, which offers intangible rewards of its own.


Write Testimonials

Take time to write a glowing review of a project you recently worked on with a blogging buddy or a summary of how helpful you found a certain presenter’s workshop at a recent blog conference. You can add these to the LinkedIn profiles of your friends or simply send them along through email. Not only will your kind words be appreciated, they can also be used in a professional capacity to inspire trust.


Feature Them on Your Blog

Posting interviews with other bloggers or showcasing them on your site lets those in your network know you think they’re awesome. Your readers will also likely enjoy the information. You could set up a series that is relevant to your blog’s topic or you could just randomly highly a different blogger each month. There are tons of possibilities to set things up.


Make and Share Connections

Help people within your network to connect. Being a connector is easy, but the payoffs for participants can be incredibly valuable. If you have two blogging friends who should know each other, take a minute to introduce them. That new connection could lead to an amazing future collaboration or even just a good friendship. Along these lines, always try to refer someone within your network if you are offered an opportunity you’re unable to accept. Your pal will likely appreciate the chance to take part if they’re able. If they’re not, they will at least think you’re wonderful for thinking of them.


Giving back to your blogging network doesn’t have to be complicated or incredibly time-consuming. It’s just good Karma that benefits everyone.

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