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We offer a few mortgage programs that do not require any income! We can leave the employment section of the application completely blank. If you have a buyer that fits one of the program descriptions below we can close the loan fast and easy. No one else in the market is offering this on primary residences and if they are there is a good chance they are brokering it to my bank. I am the direct lender.


Community Mortgage (Primary and Second Home)

  • FICO 640+
  • Loan Amounts to $3MM (Based on FICO & Reserves)
  • No Income / Employment Documentation Req'd
  • No Prepayment Penalty
  • Owner Occupied & Second Home 
  • 80%/85% Loan to Value – Purchase / Rate & Term
  • 75% Loan to Value - Cash Out


Investor Program (Investment Properties)

  • FICO 680+ 
  • No Income qualifying req'd 
  • Loan amounts to $3.5MM (Based on FICO & Reserves) 
  • Loan to Value to 85% - Purchase / Rate & Term 
  • Loan to Value to for Cash Out - 75%
  • Debt Service Coverage Ratio: ≥ 100% or No Ratio


Please contact me at to discuss any specific scenarios that could benefit from these No Income Programs.


For a same day rate quote please reply to this email and include the prospective/current loan amount, estimated home value/purchase price, estimated fico score, and your objective (purchase, rate/term refi, cash-out refi, etc...).



Craig Bosse


Branch Manager


NMLS 1019442


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phone: (925) 322 0436


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