South Florida Realtor/Golfer Hits The River

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Last week I took a break from Real Estate and Kayaked the Wakiva River north of Orlando. This was about a six hour paddle down river through some of the wildest looking jungle I ever saw. About half way down river the other groups that started out when we did turned back. My wife Virginia and I continued to go to the end. She is a good paddler and has been on many river trips with me in the past but this was kind of scary. There was no one for miles and you couldn't see five feet into the underbrush. We had seen a bear about 300 LBs the day befor and this was giving us some concern. About another mile we saw the greatest of sights. It was a man coming up river fishing for bass in a canoe. We chatted with him for a few minuits then went on feeling much better. We started seeing others coming up river from the place we were heading to. Spotting the bridge over state Rd 46 where I was to call the pick up people a crack of thunder came and then the biggest rain storm I think I ever saw. The wind blew so hard we couldn't paddle forward and the wind blew us off the river and into the trees and branches on the bank. The problem was their was no bank just trees and branches. A little while later two other kayakers blew in with us. Misery loves company now we felt great. After an hour it slowed down enough to continue down river to the end.

This week I have a closing today then tomorrow its off to Sandestin for golf, then on to Dothan, Al for more golf then back to Florida to do a kayac trip down the Crystal River then back home and back to business and golf in South Florida.

The Today Show today was telling everyone who listened this mourning that no one is taking a vacation or has any money to spend and is relagated to eating peanut butter and beans. This is why realtors should not watch this stuff or read newspapers like our Palm Beach Post. Business is improving and their are lots of people taking vacations. See you next week.

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