"Comfortism" Versus "Exploratism"..... Can You Identify Your Profile?

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How Do We As Individual's "Measure Up" When Looking At Our Behavioral Tendencies As It Relates To Comfort Versus Challenge? 

Whether we recognize it or not, each of us has a "profile" as it relates to affording ourselves a level of comfort....versus a desire to explore those facets of life which to us, are either unknown or need interpretation.

Let's make this simple. Take a piece of paper and draw a line down the center. On the left side of the line, write the words "Comfort". On the right side of the line, write the words "Challenge".

Beginning with "Comfort", write down, not necessarily in order, all those aspects of life, which you associate with comfort. Here's a few examples to get you started; scheduling, organized activities, leisure time, avoiding confusion.

On the opposite side of the line where you have written "Challenge", list those aspects in your life which your categorize as "exploratory"? Here's a few items to get you started. Upcoming challenges might include, dealing with unfinished business, handling a delicate situation with known personality differences and dealing with unexpected events. 

Each of us has varying levels of desire/tolerance when analyzing the two categories. Are you more prone to seek out "Comfort" when dealing with your daily activities, or are you one who continuously enjoys addressing new ideas, new concepts or new challenges?

Human beings, as a species, are creatures of habit. We find repetition a "convenience" of life. We consume food with regularity, we sleep during certain time periods and we routinely mingle with others in any number of activities. "Comfortism" is a built-in habit.

Can the balance of "Comfortism" and "Challenge" be disproportional? The answer is a profound "Yes". Can a disproportional balance, if allowed to gravitate unchecked, at some point, become problematic? Again the answer is yes.

As realtors, we have to maintain some sort of balance in order to remain productive, while at the same time, enjoy the benefits of our profession. Knowing when to "step up" and meet a challenge, requires commitment, fortitude and leadership. Keeping/maintaining one's balance requires a commitment, as well as, frequent "check-ups". Imagine the "Comfortism" you'll experience when you observe an enthusiastic couple, who just closed on their first home, display an enormous amount of joy and excitement with their accomplishment!

Invest the time to find out what your Comfortism/Exploratism ratio is! Once you have made that determination, it's time to evaluate if the ratio needs adjustment or some tweaking.

"Never let opportunity go to waste......never waste opportunity!"  Enjoy yourself, knowing you have the ability to control your Comfort/Challenge balance!


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