Top 5 Real Estate Secrets You Should Know This 2022!

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A lot of people are still looking for that "special sauce" or the "secret 11 herbs and spices" of the real estate industry, and so few have their hands on it -- until now. Taken from my interview with various real estate company founders and personalities (click here for the video), here are the top 5 real estate secrets or habits you should be doing right now.

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1. Home Personalization

Showing the home to different people that are interested can sometimes be tiring for the seller, especially if they have to move things here and there.

Let me tell you a secret: YOU DON'T HAVE TO DO IT! Leave your personal items as is, so potential buyers know what your client is really about. Who knows - you just might meet the best friend of your life or a significant other by just living that Star Wars Lego collection and wallpaper while showing. There's actually one viral video about that exact same story, and you can check it out by clicking here.

After all, social capital goes a long way! 

2. Cash is Overrated - Go Organic!

Cash loses its value by the day due to inflation. And there are situations where even the best financing options won't work. However, one thing stood the test of time when it comes to economics and trading -- that's right, actual commodities!

Going back to how people used to trade real estate with commodities like raspberries, farm animals, or crops is so much better as you can invest in those commodities by taking care of them and letting them grow, thus having more of them in the future! I mean, you can't just bury some money, water it, and expect to grow a money tree, right? 

Aside from its positive impact on the environment (read more here by the way), it's an investment you can make for yourself in the future! 

3. Currency of the New World

If you still want to stick with cash, then here's a great way to earn some profit. Start pricing your home according to its sentimental value to you, and see the profit flow! Your $500,000 home is surely much more emotionally worth than that. List it for a million, and now we're talking! After all, a home is not just a structure - it is a witness to all the good memories a person can ever dream of!

4. Buy a Haunted House for Property Flipping

This may sound like a joke to you because it actually is but hear me out. Some of you wouldn't even consider this due to the ghosts. But let me tell you honestly, have you seen a ghost kill someone in the movies? I mean, Casper is pretty chill! Leave the guy and his baseball bat alone!

Aside from these haunted houses being very cheap, you can just hire a priest to exorcise the house and flip the property for 4-20x the profit! Here are a list of haunted houses that you can choose from, if you're really interested.

5. Only Accept Blockbuster Stock as Payment

Stock bonds is the currency of the future. Sure, it sounds crazy, but hear me out...

Sticking with just cash as a form of payment isn't really going to cut it because of inflation. Stocks, however, increases its value over time!  One stock in particular, Blockbuster, are currently at its buying phase due to the low price points per share. Make that as a mode of payment for your buyers, and you'll juice the profit in the next few years! Don't believe me? Check out the stock market analysis here for more.




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Hello Ritu Desai 703-625-4949 these are very good list of top real estate secrets to know in 2022.

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There are many advantages of investing in real estate in Dubai, including high rental returns, tax-free income, a stable economy, and resident visas. It's important to remember that the UAE real estate market can be erratic and subject to cyclical changes. The property market in Dubai has experienced a downturn in recent years due to an oversupply of properties, which has led to a drop in property values. Despite these challenges, it is projected that real estate developments would rebound in the next years as a result of new development and governmental programs to encourage expansion. Real estate in Dubai may prove to be a profitable investment for long-term investors.


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