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Game Changer For Your Buyers!

In this competitive real estate market or any real estate market for that matter, you need every advantage you can get when making an offer on a house. It's no secret we are in a tough buyers’ market and every deal is a battle - and each battle won is huge for you and your buyer(s).

Strong offers win deals....We prepare our clients for battle and arm them with a strong pre-approval that has been underwriter approved! With our Upfront Underwriting Option, home buyers will have a full approval in hand with little to no financing contingencies after getting their application reviewed and approved by our underwriting team. This is a BIG Advantage when making an offer and allows us to close quickly!

How Does This Work? The buyers fill out their online application and provide all their financials for our Underwriting team to review before they begin house shopping. This helps to eliminate any potential roadblocks that may exist. Once the underwriter has reviewed and approved the application, your buyers will know their buying budget and are fully ready to make an offer that can close quickly. In most cases once the buyers have been underwriter approved, the only outstanding items are property specific items.

The Advantage:

  • Upfront Underwriting 
  • Close Quickly
  • Stronger Pre-approval (fully underwritten) than other Pre-Approvals
  • Compete with Cash Buyers - Sellers won't need to worry about underwriting roadblocks.

Let me help you level the playing field by getting your buyers home buyer ready with a fully underwritten pre-approval.

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