15 Lead Capture Ideas for Real Estate Agents

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A solid lead generation strategy is essential for those in the real estate biz, but knowing where to start can be difficult. When considering generating leads effectively, know that there is no exact technique. What works for your real estate friend in Atlanta may be completely different from what will work for you in Los Angeles. 

There are new and exciting ways to get leads through online marketing, but don't neglect old-school methods. Potential clients in your farm area can either be super social media savvy or live a more traditional, low-tech lifestyle. 

If you're ready to capture more real estate leads this season, take a look at our 15 lead capture ideas below. 

Here’s a sneak peek: 

  1. Leverage your sphere of influence
  2. Create a local SEO strategy 
  3. Launch a social media campaign
  4. Target expired listings and FSBOs
  5. Offer a free real estate guide
  6. Jump into the video marketing world
  7. Target potential clients with a giveaway
  8. Reach out to your referral network
  9. Find a professional real estate photographer 
  10. Submit real estate guest posts 
  11. Co-host a webinar
  12. Use a real estate CRM software 
  13. Host a virtual open house
  14. Offer advice in Facebook Groups
  15. Become a coffee shop consultant 

Leverage your sphere of influence

When it comes to real estate, your sphere of influence is everything. This group of individuals may include your family, friends, friends of friends, acquaintances, past clients, or real estate vendors/partners. Your sphere of influence is the people you know and associate with. If you aren't staying connected to your people, real estate may not be the right career path for you. 

To leverage your sphere, start small. Create simple goals to quickly analyze your results and see what works versus what doesn't. One option is to send out a bi-monthly newsletter to your contacts. Always include a section in your newsletter encouraging readers to share your newsletter. Your email can also have a contact information form for new readers who receive your newsletter from a friend.

Consider offering a referral program to motivate your network to bring in leads for you. 

Create a local SEO strategy 

Search engine optimization or SEO seems like this mysterious out-of-reach skillset to those, not in the marketing world. Fortunately, there are several online resources teaching SEO techniques to non-marketing minds. 

Real estate professionals should target local prospects. Yes, out-of-state transactions are more common than usual, but most potential clients already live in your community. 

Here are some ways to improve your business with local SEO: 

  1. Do a website audit
  2. Focus on local keywords
  3. Add a contact capture form to your site
  4. Create a Google My Business account
  5. Post frequently to your blog
  6. Hire an SEO expert to help get you started

Launch a social media campaign

Most of your potential buyers and sellers have one or more social media accounts. A social media lead generation campaign is an affordable, proven way to capture valuable contacts. 

Determine which social media channel to use based on your activity and engagement. You want your posts to entice viewers and include a call to action. Make sure to use eye-catching visuals like professional listing photos. We suggest using an exterior real estate image or a popular interior space like a kitchen. 

The link on your sponsored post needs to lead viewers to a contact information form so you generate the leads. 

Target expired listings and FSBOs

Expired listings and FSBO sellers are excellent potential clients for new and seasoned real estate agents. To find expired listings, you can browse your local MLS. Once you collect your expired listings leads, begin your outreach efforts with direct mail, cold calling, or an email drip campaign. 

As for FSBOs, you can find those sellers on third-party listing websites like Zillow. They may advertise in local newspapers or on Craigslist. 

Remember that FSBOs and expired listing leads typically take longer to convert due to previous bad experiences with real estate agents. 

Offer a free real estate guide

Any free, valuable content is a surefire way to capture real estate leads. As a real estate agent, you want to be a reputable resource to your community. Create and offer an informative real estate guide to anyone who fills out an online lead gen form. Your guide can discuss the home selling process, the home buying process, or the local real estate market. 

Jump into the video marketing world

Video marketing is a considerable lead gen tool for businesses. While Vine was the first social media platform focused on video, all top social channels now value video over other content. Because of this, you need to create and post videos to your business pages. Even if you aren't a videographer, video content inevitably helps you gain new leads. 

To make more videos, get into the habit of filming walkthroughs of your listings. A fun lead generation strategy can involve exclusive video access to tour your new listings before they go live. 

Target potential clients with a giveaway

Online giveaways are all the rage. Several influencers and businesses now host giveaways on their social media pages. Depending on your budget and customer acquisition cost, you can offer anything from a Ring doorbell to a custom doormat. 

A giveaway always offers you something in return. In this case, that's a lead's contact information. Your giveaway rules should include submitting a completed contact form and perhaps a post share on the social media channel. 

Reach out to your referral network

Check in with your previous clients and friends. It's nice to reach out and see how your previous buyers or sellers are doing. It's also nice to earn new business. You can call up your referrals and ask if they have any friends or family looking to sell or buy real estate. Sometimes, the prospects are comfortable with you receiving their contact information through your referral. 

Find a professional real estate photographer 

There are countless benefits to hiring a professional real estate photographer for your listings. Professional real estate images help you sell your listing faster and for more money. Real estate images also help you generate more seller leads. A seller wants an agent who can effectively market their home online with a well-written listing description and beautiful photos. 

An archive of professional listing images gives you a leg up on your marketing and lead generation efforts. Make sure to use your real estate photos in your lead capture strategies. 

Submit real estate guest posts 

Guest posting is a unique way to get your business in front of potential clients. When you submit a guest post to another vendor's website, include a few links directing readers to a lead capture form. To learn more about guest posting, click here

Co-host a webinar

A successful webinar generates valuable leads while providing educational insights to participants. Because creating and hosting a webinar is a significant undertaking, consider co-hosting your first webinar. Co-hosting a webinar can help generate more leads, too, with cross-promotion marketing. 

For participants to join your webinar, create a landing page with a lead capture form. 

Use a real estate CRM software 

The right customer relationship management tool is a gamechanger for businesses. Find a CRM platform that helps you stay organized and engaged with your target audience and leads. The right CRM tool can automate the lead capturing process, too. 

Host a virtual open house

A virtual open house is a lead capture magnet if you do it right. You can have video attendees fill out a sign-in form with their names and contact information like an in-person open house. To learn about virtual open houses and showings, check out this blog article

Offer advice in Facebook Groups

Over a billion Facebook users participate in Facebook Groups each month. There are groups for just about anything, including local events and real estate listings. Engaging in local Facebook Groups is a great way to offer your expert real estate advice and promote your listings (if allowed). 

You can offer group members unique gated content in exchange for contact information. This is a frequent post-type in the Facebook Group New Real Estate Agents

Become a coffee shop consultant 

This is a lead capture idea we saw on theclose.com. Justin Potier, a Carrington Real Estate Services broker, suggests real estate agents spend a workday at the local coffee shop to find leads. You can place a sign on the table that says "free real estate advice" and exchange contact information with whoever swings by. 

Lead generation is a significant part of running a successful real estate business. Try one of our 15 real estate lead capture ideas above to grow your contact list today.

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These are very valuable list of lead capture ideas for real estate agents.

Apr 06, 2022 03:10 PM
Grant Schneider
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This is a must do list of lead capturing activities.   Success is built on the combination of all.

Apr 09, 2022 03:33 AM
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This a good list for various lead capture ideas. Thank you!

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A comprehensive list. All agents should be able to pick a few to start and then expand.

Apr 09, 2022 05:31 AM
Anna "Banana" Kruchten
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Great ideas for agents looking to create or expand their lead sources.  Pick one and just get started I say!

Apr 09, 2022 09:07 AM
June Piper-Brandon
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This is great information.  I am going to take a good look at this list.  I just came back to traditional real estate and need to kick start my marketing plan.

Apr 09, 2022 05:16 PM
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Thank you very much for sharing your experience and your advice.


Apr 10, 2022 09:28 AM
Jeff Dowler, CRS
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Great list of lead capture ideas...something for everyone to take on.

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