China Leads Global Real Estate Crash

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While the U.S. confronts stagflation, communist China tries to hide massive real estate crash.

REAL ESTATE NEWS (Los Angeles, CA) — While real estate in the U.S. and other western countries crashes up today due to inflation, China’s real estate market was so extremely overbuilt that its prices are now tumbling dramatically. The communist regime does not release honest statistics, thus the books of western companies doing business in China provide the only accurate picture of China’s true economy. Recent new lockdowns also reveal the true story. The regime of nutcase dictatorship is seriously worried about recent bad economic results, thus uses today’s most convenient of scapegoats: covid hysteria. Today, China resembles a bizarre, frightening communist lockdown prison. Hellish! | VIDEO

China a real estate hell.

The real estate market is still hot in many U.S. areas as families and investors all scramble to buy physical assets that can greatly hedge against runaway inflation, and protect against a falling dollar. In many other U.S. markets, a quiet crash or softening is already taking place, unreported in the news, and obscured by inflation. Indeed, a stagnating overall economy, Greater Depression of the 2020s, has been hidden behind a curtain of inflation for several years. One thing that can pierce the veil is a truly committed, rapid-acting Fed, which we don’t have while interest rates are still near historic lows, and government spending and money printing are still near historic highs. Concealed stagnation, government overspending and ballooning hyperinflation are still the name of the game for real estate and most other markets in the United States. Governments worldwide are failing to address the real issues, as they rely on fear and distraction, amid calls for optimism.

What is going to be the cure or the weapon that beats hyperinflation? The US Dollar is a goner for many reasons: The Fed is not keeping pace, and will not keep pace required to beat hyperinflation; the overused, abused US Dollar is losing its global dominance as the monetary standard; the dollar is being replaced by blockchain cryptocurrencies — and good money destroys bad. In addition to optimism, individuals, families and companies must own physical assets that perform well during inflation and stagnation, such as real estate, gold, farm land, blockchain cryptocurrencies, quality stocks, technology patents etc.

A worldwide economic depression began in April of 2020. China and the U.S. lead the way in the latest “cures”: denial, deception and cover-up. The key difference between U.S. thin veil of real estate health, and China’s undeniably poignant real estate crash: the unprecedented level of ponzi-scheme activities in China real estate vs the more moderated, varied markets of America. The U.S. does have its own looming ponzi crash coming: the end of the global hegemony of the U.S. Dollar, amid emerging general demise of fiat currencies. Unlike communist China’s housing implosion, real estate in the U.S. today still provides an effective shield against these economic threats.

China communist party uses deceptive zero-covid policy to hide the largest real estate crash in history.

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Endre Barath, Jr.
Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices - Beverly Hills, CA
Realtor - Los Angeles Home Sales 310.486.1002

Oh don't get me started, let's be clear they gave us Covid, then thanks to  our stupidity everything including Pet Meds are made in China... then to boot all the items that are missing in the stores are controlled by them... OK I will stop... great post, Endre

Apr 11, 2022 11:27 PM
Corey Chambers

Yes, while we can't blame all of our problems on China, the monstrous communist party provides an excellent example of what to do, and what NOT to do:  Expand freedom and free enterprise.  Do NOT hand over to government your life, liberty or happiness.

Apr 17, 2022 10:00 AM