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Arrested Developments in Key West

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This is a follow-up to two previous blogs where I introduced readers to people arrested in or near Key West over the past few months. Potential buyers often express concern about how safe Key West is to live. Very safe in my opinion as long as you do not get stopped by a cop or highway patrol officer. For some reason people that meet the man on the beat get just that - BEATEN.  

I have joked before about every person is presumed to be innocent and then smirked and said everybody is guilty of something otherwise they would not have been stopped or detained or whatever led to the cop on person encounter. This is really not a joking matter. .










Two of the ten arrested people above identify as female. 

That's right. Two. 








I watched a BBC series on Amazon Prime last week called The Outlaws. It is about a group of people who were required to do community service instead of spending time in jail. Of course they ran back into the same people they associated with that got them into jail including a couple of guys with tattoos on their faces. One tough guy said "Don't they know they'll never get a job looking like that!" 

 The blog is not over.



The guy above did not not get judged. He even escaped any real punishment for what he did. I found his story on TikTok yesterday and decided to share it here. He was arrested the the Key West Doubletree Hotel in 2020. The full Inside Edition video may be seen if you CLICK HERE. It should scare you. 


He was arrested and went thru the legal system. He was allowed to plead No Contest to the sex offense of video voyeurism. He got probation. CLICK HERE to see his full court file. EXCEPT you can't. His right to privacy is protected from public view. If you click his name GOOGLE will give you more reasons to question the outcome.

It sickens me that people who really bad things to other people get to walkout of court and others get their heads knocked around by people in authority. Key West is a safe place to live - for most of us.




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I am disappointed that apparently nobody watched the video or Googled the last man's name like i did. Think about your son and your daughter.Ultimately this blog is the way we treat people accused of a crime and the way some get away with evil and others get their heads knocked in. .

Apr 12, 2022 05:01 PM